We currently only support Apple (IOS 6.0 and above) and Android (1.6 and above) smartphones.

If you require eToken on both a work and personal device then you will need to create a separate account for each.

Your second account needs to be ordered separately, and you will need to provide a valid business case for requiring two installs.

Set up


Apple smartphones: iOS version is 6.0 or greater, and access to an iTunes account on the device.

Android smartphones: Android version 1.6 or greater, and access to a Google account on the device.


You have 10 calendar days from when you receive the email to activate your eToken.

You have 10 calendar days from when you receive the enrolment e-mail to activate your eToken. The e-mail will be from Hampshire IT, and the subject will be Secure Remote Access Service – Token Self-enrolment
  1. Forward the enrolment e-mail to a personal e-mail address (such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc)
  2. Open the e-mail on the device you are attempting to install your eToken on
  3. Click on the link in the e-mail. If you are prompted to Open With, choose Chrome and click Just Once
  4. Click the SafeNet icon and download the mobile application
    If this does not work, please use the following links:
  5. The application may launch itself after install. Close this down completely before continuing, or your eToken will not be enrolled correctly
  6. Once the application is installed and closed, go back to Secure Remote Access Service – Self Enrolment page and click the link to Enrol your MobilePASS Token (this link is below the link to download the application)
  7. Click Open if prompted
  8. Give your eToken a name. This is used to identify the token within the app, and can be anything you want. The default is My Token 1
  9. Click Activate
  10. Create your 4 digit PIN.
    This PIN will be used together with the passcode generated by the app to log in
  11. Click Continue and re-enter your 4-digit PIN
  12. Click Continue. It may take up to 30 seconds to activate your eToken
Using eToken

When you login away from the Corporate Network you will be asked to enter your usual Hantsnet User name and your Hantsnet Password. You will then be prompted for your PIN + Passcode.

pin and passcode

To generate a code open your SafeNet MobilePASS app on your device.

If a list of tokens is displayed, select your token.

A six digit random code will be displayed as well as a countdown timer. The code is only valid while it is displayed on the screen.

A new code is generated every 60 seconds. If you are unable to use the code in 60 seconds wait for a new code to appear.

number generated

To authenticate with your code enter your memorable PIN followed by the six digit passcode displayed on the screen in the relevant box.

For example: If your PIN is 1234 and the code generated is 736851. You would enter 1234736851 in the PIN + Passcode box.

See the Connect guide for more information on how to log on to Connect.

Accidentally deleted the eToken app or get a new phone

If you remove the eToken application by accident then you will need to raise a call with the IT Service Desk.