Employment in Hampshire County Council 2007

25. Loans To Employees

Details of the loan arrangements that apply to HCC staff can be found on the County Treasurer's website.

26. Pay And Grading


26.1 This section sets out the grades that will apply to employee groups covered by the Employment in Hampshire County Council agreement with effect from the date of this agreement.

The grade for each post is determined following evaluation within the Hay methodology.

Grade Structure

26.2 There are 11 grades ranging from A-K replacing all other grades previously used for employees covered by EHCC arrangements. Each grade has a number of steps comprising the ‘salary range’.

Employees can expect to progress to the normal salary range maximum over time subject to meeting their job requirements.

26.3 The salary ranges can be found on Hampshire County Council's EHCC 2007 Pay Framework.

Progression within the grades

26.4 Progression within each grade up to the salary range maximum will be subject to an employee meeting the requirements of their job.

The job requirements are set out in the role profile but will also be subject to review with the manager, and clarification, by the setting of targets, or job standards, interim review and assessment towards the year end.

The process for this is set out in the Individual Performance Planning process.

26.5 In addition to progression, there is facility within HCC’s salary policy to recognise, by a one off payment of 3% of base salary or in exceptional circumstance accelerated progression within the limit of the salary range, employees whose performance is rated as ‘exceptional’ compared to that of other employees.

26.6 It is recognised that there will be a very small minority of employees whose performance needs to improve. In these circumstances pay will not normally progress.

26.7 The salary policy guidelines set out HCC’s policy on salary progression to be read in conjunction with the IPP process.

26.8 Salaries within the grades will be reviewed each year with the outcome of the review being applied with effect from 1 April each year.

For employees in grades up to and including grade G the outcome of the National Joint salary review will be applied.

For employees in grades H to K the salary ranges are reviewed by HCC in consultation with the Trade Unions.

HCC have indicated their wish for salary reviews for all EHCC employees to be undertaken by HCC.

Further consultations with the Trade Unions will be conducted prior to any such change.

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