Employment in Hampshire County Council 2007

19. Other Expenses


19.1 Employees will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred on County Council business.

Business requiring use of telephones or telephone lines

Guidance about the above can be found in the Employment Guide.

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Business involving Overnight Accommodation

19.2 On business involving overnight accommodation, the following costs will be paid subject to appropriate claim forms indicating the nature of the business and providing receipts for all claims made:

  • costs of overnight accommodation; and
  • the actual cost of meals (evening meal and/or breakfast) and refreshment purchased, excluding alcoholic drinks.

19.3 Such accommodation and meals will not exceed 3 star prices or the equivalent.

19.4 Employees are expected to make their normal arrangements (or equivalent) for lunch while undertaking their duties in all circumstances i.e. regardless of whether they are working in different locations or within a different working pattern.

However, in accordance with the principles contained in Part 2, section 13 of the National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service (Green Book), employees will receive payment for lunch where the employee has necessarily incurred additional expense in the course of their work e.g. for official hospitality. The Council and Trades Unions support the principle that such expenditure should not result in an employee being out of pocket. At the same time, they agree that reimbursement of expenses should not provide an opportunity to make a profit from the expenditure.

Any payment will be subject to receipts being produced and prior approval being obtained from the relevant manager.

Where prior approval has been given for hospitality for business purposes, all reasonable expenditure will be reimbursed.

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Special driving licences

Special Driving Licences

19.5 In accordance with Part 2 of the National Conditions of Service (Green Book), where an employee is required to possess a Heavy Goods Vehicle, Passenger Service Vehicle and/or other special driving licence, the County Council will meet the renewal costs.

Special driving licences

19.6 Normally, payments will be reimbursed through the monthly payroll.

Hotels will normally invoice the County Council but, if this is not the case, in circumstances that cause hardship, payment may be arranged in advance.

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20. Arrangements for payment of salaries

20.1 All staff will be paid monthly. All payments will be made directly into a bank or building society account by credit transfer one month in arrears on or around the last working day of each month.

20.2 Staff must maintain a suitable bank account or building society account into which payments can be made and staff must provide Hampshire County Council with the current details.

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