Employment in Hampshire County Council 2007

9. Working Hours and the Flexible Working Hours Scheme and ("Flexi-Time")


9.1 These arrangements will apply to all staff covered by the "Employment in Hampshire County Council" Agreement and will be effective from the date of the Agreement.


9.2 Subject to practicality of implementation, these arrangements will apply to all staff in grades up to and including Grade F.

9.3 These arrangements will be introduced into work areas subject to local operational requirements and full consultation with staff and their representatives, the constraints of the workplace and the need to consider security of staff (eg lone working considerations). The aim will always be to introduce such changes by agreement between the parties, where possible.

9.4 The principles of enabling a flexible approach to the arrangement of working hours will support and recognise the need to maximise operational/support efficiency and reflect other County Council policies and priorities (e.g. in respect of staff travel). They will also allow the personal circumstances of individual employees to be taken into account.

Working Hours

9.5 The over-riding consideration in determining the arrangement of working hours will be the need to provide effective, responsive and flexible services which meet customer needs. Effective operational/support cover, as reasonably determined by the manager in consultation with staff, will therefore be required in all circumstances.

9.6 Standard full-time working hours will be 37 hours per week for salary calculation purposes. Part time staff will be paid at a pro-rata rate to 37 hours per week.

9.7 Working time will be arranged in a way that meets the need for service provision. The needs of individuals will also be met as far as reasonably possible.

9.8 Where operational circumstances permit, a system of flexible working hours ("flexi-time") may be applied by local agreement. Details of a Council-wide system are shown here

9.9 The provisions of the agreement between the County Council and the Trade Unions on the Working Time Regulations will continue to apply in the form of the separate Working Time agreement.

9.10 Some areas of work require staff to be available either at home or at their place of work to be called on if required to deal with emergency or unusual situations.

9.11 The County Council and the Trade Unions recognise the needs of staff to balance their working and home life and will therefore work to minimise overtime working.

9.12 The provisions of the Working Time Regulations and the County Council Local Agreement on working time will apply to ensure the effective protection of employees' health and safety - e.g. rest periods, daily/weekly breaks, maximum 48 hours per week average.

Flexible Working Hours Scheme Rules

9.13 Hours may be worked between 7 am and 10 pm, seven days a week.

9.14 There will be no county-wide standard core time, but local arrangements will apply where necessary to satisfy service delivery/support requirements.

9.15 Employees should not normally be more than eight hours "in debit" at any time unless by prior agreement with the manager to suit operational needs of the service (e.g. to meet the needs of seasonal variations in work loads).

9.16 Employees should not normally be more than 40 hours "in credit" at any time, unless exceptional circumstances apply and prior agreement to exceed this figure has been obtained from the manager.

9.17 Managers should review credit/debit hours on a monthly basis to ensure that the limits outlined above are not exceeded.

9.18 For calculation purposes, a full day's annual leave or sickness absence for full-time staff will count as 7.4 hours and a half day will count as 3.7 hours. Hours for staff who do not work a standard 7.4 hour day will be calculated on a pro-rata basis or according to their actual normal daily working hours as appropriate.

9.19 All flexi leave must be agreed by managers in line with operational requirements.

9.20 A maximum of ten flexi-days per year may be taken (based on standard full-time working - pro-rata for part-time staff).

9.21 Employees will be required to keep accurate records of hours worked. Managers will be responsible for maintaining suitable monitoring arrangements.

9.22 Flexi-time hours will not normally be converted to overtime hours.

9.23 Any employee who abuses the scheme will be required to work fixed hours. Disciplinary action may also be taken. Disciplinary Procedure.

9.24 On termination of employment: working hours during an employee's notice period should be adjusted so that hours above standard are reduced to zero; managers will facilitate such adjustment; hours below standard will be deducted from pay.

9.25 Where an employee leaves for reasons over which he/she has no direct control (e.g. ill health) or in other exceptional circumstances, consideration will be given to paying credit hours at flat rate or making no deduction for debit hours, as appropriate.

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10. Sick Pay

Sick pay will be determined in accordance with Part 2, Section 10 of the National Joint Council for Local Government Service (“the Green Book”) Agreements. Details of the scheme can be found in the Employment Guide.

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