Employment in Hampshire County Council 2007

5. Development and Training

5.1 The parties recognise that effective development and training for all staff will help to maximise job satisfaction and performance, and their employment potential.

5.2 All employees will have the opportunity to discuss their development and training needs with their line manager at least once a year.

5.3 A flexible approach will be adopted to meeting these needs, as priorities require, to ensure that methods are suited to the individual and are cost effective.

5.4 The parties recognise that all employees have a responsibility towards their own development and should maximise development opportunities as they arise as far as their domestic circumstances allow and use the full range of their skills at work.

5.5 The County Council and the Trade Unions are committed to investment in people to enable the development of individual skills and teams to achieve current and future business goals.

5.6 Where an employee undertakes an approved course of training, arrangements relating to reimbursement of course fees, time off, etc is detailed in the Expenses Policy.

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6. Equality and Diversity

6.1 The County Council and the Trade Unions are committed to promoting equality and diversity in all aspects of employment and to eliminating discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, race, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

6.2 A review of the County Council's Equalities Strategy and policies has been done and work is now being focussed on implementation through departmental action plans.

6.3 The Trade Unions undertake to support the County Council in the application of the strategy and policies.

6.4 The County Council's Corporate Equalities Employment Policy statement is available.

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7. Terms and Conditions of Employment

7.1 The County Council and the Trade Unions are committed to terms and conditions of employment that:

  • are compatible with the principles of fairness, equity and equality of opportunity;
  • enable flexibility of employment;
  • meet the service provision needs of the people of Hampshire;
  • reflect current employment practices and enable the County Council to recruit and retain high calibre staff.

7.2 A common framework of terms and conditions of employment will apply to all staff groups

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8. Arrangements for Review and Resolution of Disputes

8.1 Any contention that this Agreement is not being correctly applied to an individual employee will be considered under the County Council's grievance procedure except where a separate process is specified.

8.2 The procedure for resolving any collective dispute about the application of this Agreement will be in accordance with the principles of the national agreement.

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