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If you’ve got a caring personality it’s an ideal job for you. It’s also a job where you can be flexible with your hours

With more people needing support to live independently at home there is an increasing demand for people to provide the care they need.

If you want a career where you can progress, feel secure, and get an enormous sense of personal achievement from knowing you are helping other people, then community based adult social care could be for you.

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Great reasons to start a career in care

  • Carers make a difference to people’s lives every day
  • Care work offers a career not just a job
  • Full training towards recognised qualifications provided
  • Flexible hours, full and part time positions available

What’s involved in care work

A career in community based social care offers a variety of roles and can provide opportunities to work with a range of interesting people including older people, or people who may have a learning disability, physical disability or mental health issue. There are also plenty of chances for career progression.

Care work is essentially about providing personal and practical support to help people maintain their independence, dignity and control.

Discover the varied roles and responsibilities associated with jobs in the social care sector

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Care at Home Worker

Care at Home workers in Hampshire carry out the most important of all roles in helping people to stay independent and living in their own home.

They support people with many daily activities such as bathing, dressing, toileting, meal preparation and eating and drinking if required. Prompting people to take their medication so they remain well is also something that is frequently required. Care at Home Workers provide the person they are supporting with a link to the outside world, bringing news and conversation and often much needed companionship.

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Senior Care at Home Worker

Many Home Care Workers progress to the role of Senior Care at Home Worker. They may still have responsibility for working directly with people receiving care but their main duties include leading, supporting and supervising a team of Care at Home Workers. They will have a greater understanding and knowledge of legislation relating to the delivery of care and will be involved in case reviews and care planning.

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Reablement Worker

Reablement workers support people to regain their independence who have had a spell in hospital or who have had a significant change to their health and wellbeing. They work intensely with people for a maximum of six weeks and support them to achieve specific goals and outcomes aimed at returning them to their previous level of independence.

Video: Gareth and Mary - a day in the life

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Care Coordinator

Care Coordinators are responsible for processing new referrals to the care providers they work for, arranging visits and appointments to clients, updating records and ensuring all staff receive their rotas in a timely fashion. They match the skills and experience of Home Care Workers to the needs of the person using the service and also engage in regular quality assurance type activities to ensure the provision of care is high and meeting the expectations of service users. They will usually have experience of delivering care and possess good IT and organisational skills.

Care manager
Branch Manager and Deputy Branch Manager

Care provider managers and their deputies assume full managerial responsibility for the day to day running of their branches. They are required to have a detailed understanding of relevant legislation and how this can be best met at an operational and strategic level. They are responsible for the recruitment, selection and vetting of staff and provide coaching and mentoring opportunities through the delivery of training on a variety of care related topics.

Where do I apply for a career in care?

The employers shown below are care at home providers that Hampshire County Council works with, who offer: 

  • at least the minimum wage plus 20%
  • travel time between appointments and that mileage is paid for
  • an option to choose a fixed hour contract or, if you need greater flexibility, a zero hours contract
  • full training towards recognised qualifications to help you progress in your career
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