Tony Davidson

Tony Davison

Strategic Manager, Assets and Development

Tony is a highly experienced public sector property and development manager and deliverer. He has over 35 years’ experience on major, complex projects, initiatives and programmes across New Town Development Corporations, major city, county and urban local authorities and the private sector.

At Telford Development Corporation Tony led major public housing development projects and regeneration of the Ironbridge Gorge heritage area. He led two of the Birmingham Quarter planning initiatives and the subsequent bidding to secure significant European funding leading to the Birmingham city centre renaissance. In consultancy he led an urban design office involved in major development and regeneration schemes across the south west.

At Hampshire Tony is responsible for all asset management and also the development of the County Council’s strategic land programme. To date this has generated over £300m of capital receipts for reinvestment in public service provision and up to 2019 the delivery of over 6,000 new homes on county land. Tony has a keen interest and skill in political engagement and partnership development.