Case study

Pan Toure

Claire Arnott

Reablement Practitioner (for visually impaired)

I had no care experience before joining the Reablement team. I started my career in a Bank, then set up and ran a dance business, I worked for a charity and then in a school as Admin officer. The school job was great and as I had two young children, it suited my life at that time. However, I felt unfulfilled. I wanted to work in the caring profession but I had absolutely zero experience and no relevant qualifications.

On the verge of applying to go to college to complete a Health & Social Care certificate, I saw a role advertised for Community Response Assistant Level 1 (CRA1). It sounded interesting. A community care role, visiting people’s homes and helping them regain independence. I spoke to the Recruitment Team who were really helpful. They highlighted the training and qualifications available. That clinched it and I submitted an application.

I was apprehensive at interview although the two people that interviewed me were really approachable. I gave them an example of how I’d helped a friend when he was poorly and there were other questions about my values. I was over the moon when a few days later I received a call offering me the job.

My induction covered Hampshire County Council core values and modules about hygiene, infection control, medications, first aid, Hampshire Equipment Services and lots of other useful topics. When shadowing experienced colleagues everybody was really friendly and patient even though I had no care experience and was asking all sorts of questions.

After a few months I progressed to a Community Response Assistant Level 2 (CRA2) role. A year later and I was a Team Leader. And it didn’t stop there. When completing my Level 3 Apprenticeship I became particularly interested in the module on Visual Impairment. I had worked with someone in the Bank who was visually impaired so this module resonated with me. I have now stepped into a Reablement Practitioner role and am completing a Level 5 qualification to become a Visual Rehabilitation Specialist. I love having a caseload of my own and working directly with people who need our support.

When Hampshire County Council Adults’ Health and Care offer opportunities for progression, they mean what they say! I don’t feel my journey is over yet. Don’t let a lack of experience put you off. If you aspire to a particular role or specialism, make your case and discuss how you can achieve your goal. ‘Go for it!’, that’s what I say.

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