Opportunities in the Registration Service

UK law requires the details of all births, stillbirths, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships to be recorded officially

Registration Officers carry out a broad range of duties:

  • Registering births – interviewing the parents to find out the details needed for the child’s birth certificate. The information is then entered into a national database and the parents issued with the relevant documents
  • Registering deaths – checking the documents describing why the person has died and consulting with the doctor or coroner if anything is out of place. The death registration process involves an interview in order to gain the information needed for the death certificate. This enables the relevant documentation to be issued so that the bereaved can proceed with the funeral arrangements
  • Legal preliminaries – to marriages and civil partnerships
  • Performing civil marriage and civil partnership ceremonies – before the ceremony can takes place, the Registration Officer will need to interview the couple to make sure they can legally marry or form a civil partnership. The Registration Officer will then perform the marriage or civil partnership ceremony either at a Register Office or another venue with a licence to hold the ceremony such as a hotel, castle or even a zoo!
  • Nationality checking – Registration Officers provide assistance to people who are seeking to apply for British Citizenship by providing a ‘Check & Send’ service to ensure that citizenship applications meet with the strict criteria applied by the Home Office. This service seeks to ensure that applications are successful in much the same way as the Post Office carry out a passport application checking service.
  • Supplying data to the Office for National Statistics

There are a number of other areas of work which experienced staff have the opportunity to be involved in, including officiating at naming ceremonies, civil funerals, renewal of marriage vows and citizenship celebrations.

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Regulatory Services

Regulatory Services brings together many of the regulatory functions of the County Council including:

  • Community Safety
  • Registration
  • Coroners
  • Trading Standards
  • Scientific Service

The Regulatory team are involved in developing new and innovative projects which will improve the lives of our local communities in Hampshire, protecting vulnerable people and supporting Hampshire businesses.