Jenny Malloy

Jenny Molloy

Author, Trainer and Motivational speaker.

Dr. h.c. Jenny Molloy, Trevi House Patron is an author, trainer and motivational speaker. Jenny proudly identifies as a care leaver and is the author of her stories, Hackney Child and Tainted Love Aka Hope Daniels, she spent most of her childhood in care, and is now a married Mother, Grandmother, and of course, a care leaver. Jenny was under the Care of Hackney Social Services, and was known as a "Hackney Child", hence the book name. Written under her real name, Jenny Molloy, her final book, Neglected, shares stories of love and hope within the care system, a message Jenny is passionate about.

Jenny works extensively with Local authorities across the Country, as well as working with Ofsted, Department of Education; Frontline and Higher Education Institutions. Jenny received an honorary doctorate from Huddersfield University for her service to vulnerable children and families.

You can find out more about Jenny and her work on her social media platforms, Twitter @Hackneychild and Facebook - Hackney Child