What we can offer you as business, finance and administration staff

The Business, Administration and Finance roles within a school are key to its smooth running. Hampshire offers a wealth of support for these roles including in-house teams who provide school-specific HR and Finance support services. There are Conferences and Network Meetings held throughout the year, providing opportunities to network and to update knowledge. There are also a number of training courses aimed specifically at school Admin Officers and similar roles.

See what a Business Manager says about working for Hampshire

I joined the school just six months ago after working in a large Bank Head office for 25 years. During that time volunteering as a Governor led me to the decision my future needed to be school based. I have a real passion for numbers, so being the School & Community Business Manager and having to look after all those pennies is a real challenge, but one I relish. It is also vital to me to have some real significance behind those numbers, i.e. the decisions that I make have an impact and consequences. Coming from a ’non school’ background, Hampshire have provided excellent training and advice where needed. As well as working with the numbers, I also love people and it is incredibly rewarding to be part of a team sharing a common goal & purpose. There is a really positive atmosphere in this school, both amongst the staff and the students, which is infectious and makes me excited about the years and challenges ahead.
David Simpson, Business Manager, Brookfield School

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