What we can offer you as an experienced teacher

Hampshire is a thriving place to live and teach, with over 500 schools ranging from small and rural to larger city ones. Hampshire offers teachers the opportunity to work and develop professional practice as part of a high performing, diverse and supportive family of schools with the stewardship of one of the strongest and best regarded local authorities in the country. If you are looking for the next step for your career, you’ll find Hampshire has a wealth to offer to you as an experienced teacher.

Collaboration is at the heart of the Hampshire family of schools – with strong support networks that have been sustained and developed by schools and the authority working together. It is likely that you’ll be in a role with some form of subject responsibility or specialism by this stage of your career – with Hampshire there is a vast range of networks and resources to support you which ensure that you are not working in isolation. Whether it’s accessing our highly regarded professional development activities, the well stocked curriculum centre provision or subject specialist advisers, the support available to you enables you to continue to share, collaborate and learn together from others, as much as they will equally learn from you.

We expect our teachers to guide our children into becoming life long learners and to support their development into successful adults. We recognise that we need teachers with a wide range of professional skills, subject knowledge, dedication, moral integrity, imagination, passion, tolerance, creativity and enthusiasm – if this describes you, then find out more about taking the next step of your teaching career with Hampshire.

See what one of our experienced teachers says about working in Hampshire

I have lived in Hampshire for the majority of my life, although in recent years have moved to Berkshire. I completed previous training in Hampshire schools before working in Slough for four years. I decided to work closer to home and so started a new job in September 2015 at Elvetham Heath Primary School. I have brought my experiences of working in a very multi-cultural area to Fleet and have used these to further my teaching this year. I have enjoyed my year working in Hampshire and have felt thoroughly supported.
Penny Bryant-Jones, Teacher, Elvetham Heath Primary School

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