Finding your first teaching post

Information and checklist for Early Career Teachers

Our jobs for ECT positions is updated daily. These include full-time, part-time and temporary (e.g maternity cover posts).

Checklist for ITT students

What do you need to check before beginning work and what are your legal responsibilities?

You may not start your Induction Year or be employed as a qualified teacher until:

  • You have been awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). When you complete training, your ITT provider recommends you to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA). You may not be employed as a qualified teacher until QTS has been awarded. A university certificate is not evidence of QTS. You can download your QTS certificate from the Teacher Services self-service website. Has your QTS been confirmed by your ITT provider?
  • You have a Teacher Reference Number (TRN). You will receive your TRN when you start your training. This unique identifying number remains yours throughout your career. You will need it to query anything with the TRA and it will appear on your QTS Certificate, Induction Certificate and Teachers' Pensions and salary records. Do you know your TRN?
  • You have a current full 'enhanced' Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check. Even if you were checked before your teaching practice, a new DBS will probably need to be reapplied for by your school as you may have had a gap in employment during the summer and will have increased responsibility for children. Have you provided your school with required evidence for a DBS check?

And before starting Induction you should also be familiar with:

  • the Teachers' Standards and understand their difference from the QTS Standards
  • the Do's and Don'ts of working with children

Supply and Early Career Teachers

Short-term supply (less than a calendar term) can sometimes prove good experience for you but is often unable to provide the consistent support needed during Induction. Any time spent on short-term supply cannot count towards an Induction period.

If the supply placement is planned for a term or more (even part-time) and involves teaching the same class(es), Induction can and should commence when you begin work at the school. The supply could be via an agency or through your own contact with individual schools. If the placement involves only day-to-day cover for absent colleagues or PPA cover, this is not suitable for Induction and will not count towards your Induction period.

The 'five-year' rule: If you have not yet completed Induction, you can only carry out short-term supply teaching for up to five years after the date of your QTS. After this date, if you wish to continue to teaching, you will need to have completed Induction, or take up a post where you can start or continue Induction.