Working in education


Staff in Hampshire schools feel part of something larger than themselves and their individual schools. There is a buzz of professional people talking to each other about their jobs. They show their passion for what they do


Working in a school in Hampshire will be the first step to you experiencing a strong supportive network of a family of schools working with one aim in mind, embedded in the Children & Young People Plan, that each and every child really does matter.

When you work for Hampshire, you can expect:

  • support from experienced and knowledgeable educationalists via Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)
  • networks and supportive links for NQTs, subject specialists and SENCOs
  • curriculum centres stocked with resources to assist with subject planning and knowledge
  • a vast range of professional learning programmes and resources for each stage of your career, via Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College (HTLC) – these can focus on evolving your teaching practice, developing your skills to enable you to step into a leadership role and supportive courses for SEND students
  • working in partnership with Teaching Schools and Initial Teacher Training providers
  • great wider professional support services for leaders to help leaders with issues
  • a supportive approach to collaboration and partnership working instead of being isolated, regardless of your school status
  • Local Authority support for schools working together to provide opportunities for you to have wider experiences working in different schools or across more than one school
Professional development

We are proud of the high quality professional learning available to our leaders, teachers and support staff which we believe is the most powerful tool we have to raise standards and improve the quality of learning for our pupils.

The aim of our Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College (HTLC) is to develop and enrich professional learning for all staff in schools by offering support in:

  • good practice in Professional Learning
  • research and resources
  • training opportunities

The National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) contains a wealth of information to support professional development, leaders and schools.

Routes into teaching
Return to teaching

When you return to teaching, you bring invaluable experience with you. To make that process as easy as possible DfE have put together some information and resources you might find useful.

Moving to Hampshire

Moving to a new area can be daunting and exciting. We have compiled some information and links that you may find helpful about housing, transport links, transport timetables and general information about the area.


Help to Buy South sets out different schemes for low cost home ownership. They are designed to help people in different situations find lasting and affordable ways of entering the property market. Details and a buyer's guide can be found on their website.

Private Rentals – Homes to privately rent are usually advertised in local newspapers or via local lettings agents.

Home Buy Service has information about buying a property, including Key Worker housing information


Employee loans for travel

School support staff in maintained schools may be eligible to apply for interest-free loans to purchase public transport season tickets, bikes, IT equipment and more. Teachers in maintained schools may be eligible to apply for an interest-free bike loan. An interest-free loan enables you to break down the cost into 12 monthly repayments which are deducted by payroll.

Travel support and discounts

School staff in maintained schools are able to access a range of discounts such as:

  • South West Trains – 20% discount off annual rail season
  • Stagecoach – 10% off all annual and 13 week season tickets across the network
  • cycling discounts with Hargreaves Cycles, Cycleworld Wessex, Peter Hansfords
  • there are other Travel Discounts you may be interested in


Childcare services

Hampshire's Family Information Directory helps parents and carers to find childcare services in the area.

Childcare voucher scheme

Our childcare voucher scheme enables you to save tax and national insurance contributions on the cost of your childcare. Further information can be found on the website of our partner – Computershare Voucher Services.

Family friendly policies

We offer a full range of family-friendly policies including generous maternity and paternity entitlement.

Flexible working

Headteachers and Governors recognise that your job is only part of your life and will look to try and support you to manage your work/life balance in a number of ways – within school itself, and if you request flexible working they will consider this in line with school policies.

Employee support

We know that there are times when we can all feel under pressure, whether because of work or problems in our home lives. We believe that it is important to support our employees through difficult times.

Hampshire has a Resilience website aimed at school employees, with lots of advice and free-to-use tools to support your wellbeing and resilience.

Many Hampshire schools offer access to a free, confidential, advice employee support service which includes access to on-line advice and guidance, and a 24/7 counselling service for you and your family.


Teachers will be eligible to join the Teachers Pension Scheme.

School staff in a maintained school will be eligible to join the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Other benefits

Some Teacher-specific benefits include:

Staff in maintained schools have access to a range of discounts on goods and services, e.g. holidays, insurance, loans, health and fitness, books, entertainment , food and drink, computers and much more through our partner KAARP.