What we can offer you as a Senior Leader or Headteacher

Hampshire is a thriving place to become a senior leader, with over 500 schools ranging from small and rural to larger city ones. Hampshire offers leaders the opportunity to work and develop professional practice as part of a high performing, diverse and supportive family of schools with the stewardship of one of the strongest and best regarded local authorities in the country.

Effective leadership is the key component in achieving school improvement. Hampshire recognises that the roles of senior leaders in schools are continuing to change, with sharper accountabilities, and a significant, complex and diverse workload.

Hampshire is a four star council with a recognised and reputable Children’s Services Department. Whether you are a new school leader or a very experienced senior leader, the Children’s Services Team will provide you with both effective challenge and support to enable you to maintain your focus on leading teaching and learning.

Working as a Headteacher, Deputy or Assistant Headteacher, you will have access to a wealth of the best leadership development opportunities around, as well as the networking support of local leaders through well established forums and clusters of schools that work together on relevant issues.

The continued investment of the County Council into the infrastructure has enabled the authority to maintain a wide range of high quality services for schools, from business services to professional development and school improvement. The County Council has an inclusive approach, continuing to offer services and support to schools regardless of status.

If you are looking to move into a senior leadership role or develop your experience as a senior leader, you’ll find Hampshire is the ideal place to do so.

See what a current Headteacher says about working in Hampshire

When I embarked on my teaching degree there were occasions where my aspirations were called into question. I remember being asked questions such as “do you want to be a Headteacher?” I always knew I wanted to progress to a Headship. Teaching isn’t a breeze! We all know this, you need to be focused and dedicated. The route through middle management to leadership is gruelling. You have to master the art of juggling and certainly put the hours in. Becoming a headteacher is a little like starting again. There are skills that you continue to utilise but the training for headship doesn’t have an obvious start or finish. What you need in spades is support:- coaches, wisdom, trusted colleagues, and someone at the end of the phone. Local support has been there from day one. You get all this and more in Hampshire. Without the plethora of services we benefit from in Hampshire, - primary behaviour service, governor services, Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service, Leadership Learning Partners, Headteacher network meetings, Hampshire Advisory and Inspection Service to name just a few - one can’t contemplate how difficult my pathway would have been to navigate. The staff who run these services are friendly and helpful, visiting us whenever the school requires their advice and support. I have friends in the profession around the country and it’s a tough job, one for me that would be tougher with little or no Local Authority support. My first few months have been challenging but the tricky path has been made easier to negotiate by those hitherto mentioned. I am so grateful I am where I am.
Matthew Dampier, Headteacher, Droxford Junior School

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