Advice and Advocacy - Exclusion from School

Provide advice and advocacy to families where children have been permanently excluded

About the opportunity

Volunteers will provide advice and advocacy for children who are permanently excluded from school. They will meet with families to advise them of their rights and provide information about the exclusion process. Meetings will be held either in the family home, care setting or local office.

When the head teacher makes the decision to permanently exclude a child from school, the governing body has to hold a ‘Governors’ Pupil Disciplinary Committee’ meeting, to review the decision. The pupil and family are invited to attend. This meeting has to take place within 15 days of the notification to exclude. Volunteers will need to provide information about a child’s/parent’s rights and the exclusion process, before the Governors’ Pupil Disciplinary Meeting takes place.

A Children’s Services Volunteer Coordinator will receive details of the exclusion and liaise with volunteers to set up meetings. The Volunteer Coordinator will also provide advice, guidance and supervision to volunteers.

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Tasks and duties

  • receive details from the Volunteer Coordinator about the exclusion and the required timescales for the meeting

  • contact the family to arrange the meeting at an agreed location and time

  • meet with the child/family to provide advice about the exclusion process and the child’s rights

  • record the meeting on a standard form

  • agree with the family any follow on actions

  • feedback and return the completed form to the Volunteer Coordinator


The meetings will last about one hour and will usually take place during the day (Monday to Friday). Occasionally there may be the need to offer meetings in the early evening or at weekends.

Because these are one off pieces of work, the time commitment for this opportunity is flexible – volunteers can opt to give a couple of hours as and when, or a fuller commitment. 

Who we are looking for

You will

  • be able to communicate and ensure people, with varied levels of ability, understand information
  • listen and remain calm and impartial when dealing with children and families
  • respect differing views of individuals and work in a non judgmental way
  • respect confidentiality and the agreed information sharing process
  • have the confidence to report concerns to their Volunteer Coordinator
  • describe their role to individuals and their families while maintaining professional boundaries

How to apply

Contact details

To find out more, please email your name and contact details to

You will be asked to complete an application form and attend an interview

References are required

Disclosure and barring service check