Climate resilience and adaptation

Hampshire County Council is taking steps to prepare for the impacts of a changing climate

What climate change means for Hampshire
  • Hotter, drier summers
  • Warmer, wetter winters
  • Increase in incidents of severe weather such as storms and flooding

These will impact on the services provided by Hampshire County Council such as highways and emergency planning. We are working in partnership to prepare for these impacts and minimise the risks to our communities.

Action the council is taking

For many years Hampshire County Council has been building resilience to a changing climate by:

  • building expertise
  • developing knowledge
  • working in partnership, and
  • leading projects

We have worked with partners across the public sector to assess the risks and opportunities arising from climate change.

These risks formed the basis of the Corporate Adaptation Action Plan, which was adopted in 2011. In 2013, actions from the plan were then embedded through the Council in policies, plans and procedures. Work to build our resilience includes:

We also work with national Government to develop policies to support resilience activity at the local level.


Performance Acceleration Climate Tool (PACT)

The Performance Acceleration Climate Tool (PACT) helps assess and improve organisations' capacity to respond to climate change. The tool highlights strengths and provides guidance through areas for improvement, and suggests where action needs to be focussed to achieve greatest progress. It was developed in partnership with Alexander Ballard Ltd.

Access the Performance Acceleration Climate Tool (PACT)

Climate Change Adaptation Guidance for Planners

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Planning Officers Sustainable Design Subgroup is made up of representatives from Local Authorities who are interested in, or involved in, sustainable planning practices. The Sustainable Design Subgroup has developed a Guidance document on climate change adaptation for planners. The Guidance has been endorsed by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Planning Officers Group.

The Guidance Document aims to bring the latest climate change information together and provide planners and related professionals with an overview of the topic, including relevant legislation and information. The Guidance also includes basic information on the UKCP18 climate projections for Hampshire and the likely impacts these changes will bring along, with guidance on the type of measures which can be employed to adapt and increase resilience to climate impacts. The document also includes case studies from other areas and links to further information on adaptation and planning.

HIPOG Climate Change Adaptation Guidance

Risk Assessment Tool

This tool was designed to help Local Authorities and other public sector bodies undertake a comprehensive assessment of the risks and opportunities to their organisation from the impacts of climate change.

The tool is available for other Local Authorities and Public Sector organisations to use, along with guidance developed though Hampshire County Council's experience of using the tool.

Climate Local

Hampshire and its public sector partners continue to support Climate Local through producing a joint Climate Local document. This includes commitments from 13 organisations across Hampshire which aim to drive, inspire and support action on climate change.

Hampshire Climate Local Commitments 2018-19