Buildings and estates

Through its asset strategy work and strategic land programme, as well as individual capital projects, Property Services plays a key of role in shaping and supporting sustainable communities that enable access to housing and local services, provide energy efficient public buildings, support sustainable transport and facilitate connectivity in ways that make effective use of natural resources and enhance the environment while strengthening economic prosperity. 

We are progressing with our successful energy reduction programmes to reduce carbon emissions and save stretched financial resources spent on our own estate. Through our Strategic Asset Management Plan we are ensuring that our buildings are energy efficient and renewable energies are used where appropriate and financially viable.

Our Energy Strategy addresses the three key issues posed by security of supply, affordability and carbon emissions to Hampshire County Council and the communities of Hampshire. By addressing these challenges and opportunities, Hampshire County Council and the communities it serves will continue to be supported by energy in the way we are accustomed to, overcoming the challenges and exploiting the opportunities, in order to maintain and improve current standards. The initiatives and programmes of work that are regularly approved by the Executive Member will deliver high quality and cost effective projects to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of Hampshire County Council. We also support schools and other public sector partners in their endeavours to reduce carbon emissions, embrace new technologies and reduce spend on energy in order to focus limited financial resources on valuable front line services.

Through the management of the County Farms portfolio and its role in supporting the management of the Council’s wider rural estate, Property Services also supports the continued protection of Hampshire’s rural landscape which is likely to become ever more significant in mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change.

Steve Clow
Assistant Director of Property Services