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As well as being a major employer, the County Council has an important role to play in creating the conditions for Sustainable Growth. We support key sectors of the economy and individual businesses across the county to enable the creation of quality employment opportunities within our local communities. The County Council also plays a key role in equipping the current and future workforce with key skills through our engagement with and support for the local education and training system – at schools, FE and HE levels. We also have a pivotal role in conserving and using our natural resources more efficiently and balancing Economic Growth whilst safeguarding Hampshire’s environment and quality of life. Our work to increase broadband coverage across the County and projects to create employment opportunities close to people’s homes help to create thriving local economics, particularly in rural areas, whilst reducing traffic congestion. The County Council lets a substantial proportion of its contracts for goods and services to local suppliers to retain our positive economic impact as local as possible.


David Fletcher
Assistant Director Economic Development