Planning and environment

Our Minerals and Waste Plan is based on the principle of delivering sustainable minerals and waste development in Hampshire, ensuring we maintain a reliable supply of minerals and excellent management of our waste, at the right time, whilst protecting the environment and our communities. Hampshire’s Strategic Infrastructure Statement aims to minimise the risk of a growing infrastructure deficit in Hampshire which is key to ensuring the continued prosperity and sustainability of the county, particularly at this time of major economic challenge.

Through joint working with our Project Integra partners, we provide an integrated and flexible solution for dealing with Hampshire’s household waste in an environmentally sound, cost effective and reliable way in the best interests of our communities. We now benefit from a suite of waste infrastructure, which, combined with services on the ground and the enthusiastic participation of residents enables waste to be managed in a sustainable manner across Hampshire. Our Waste Prevention programme aims to engage residents and help them to reduce the amount of waste they generate.

Our role as a Lead Local Flood Authority means that we work with a range of partners across the region to develop sustainable long term solutions to manage flood risk. These include developing innovative catchment based solutions using the natural flood management, as well as more traditional engineering and maintenance options.

Through our country parks wildlife and heritage sites, we provide a wide range of opportunities to visit and enjoy Hampshire’s countryside while conserving the quality of our landscape, wildlife and historic places. The County Council works with partner organisations to help improve access to the countryside and green spaces through the delivery of the Hampshire Countryside Access Plan. In addition, the Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre in partnership with other organisations also provides a specialist advice and data service which supports the planning system and a variety of projects and initiatives to help ensure that the benefits of biodiversity and the historic environment are secured and readily available to everyone.


Chris Murray 
Head of Strategic Planning

Sam Horne 
Strategic Manager - Waste and Resources

Clare Mills 
Flood Water Manager

Jo Heath 
Head of Countryside

Nicky Court 
Specialist Environmental Services Manager