Who are we working with?

Working together with expert organisations, businesses, and other stakeholders will maximise the opportunities to develop best practice, policies, projects, and initiatives for driving action on the ground.

Public sector working groups

There are a number of public sector officer-led working groups that meet to collaborate on joint projects and initiatives, and to share actions and best practice on climate change and sustainability.

All the Districts, Boroughs, Cities and Unitaries including Southampton, Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight and its main focus is climate change - more recently delivering against the Climate Emergency declarations.

Includes organisations such as Fire Service, NHS, MoD, University of Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth and Solent Universities, national parks and looks at wider sustainability issues.

Energy, sustainability or housing officers from Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth and Southampton City Councils, Isle of Wight Council, and district councils within Hampshire and is more focused on energy.

Representatives from Local Authorities and aims to share best practice, promote, and inform sustainability through planning.

Climate change Expert Consultative Forum

Residents and communities have a key role to play in reducing emissions from their own homes and through lifestyle choices, or as communities taking local action, and there are many successful examples of this.

Community engagement is key and the Expert Consultative Forum is made up of relevant professionals, academics and community representatives from a range of organisations across Hampshire who can advise on both the development and the delivery of actions within the plan.

Learn more about the Climate change Expert Consultative Forum

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