Hampshire’s carbon emissions​

Hampshire County Council has a target for the Hampshire area to be carbon neutral by 2050. To assess our progress towards this target, carbon emissions are tracked and reported annually. Understanding where carbon emissions are coming from in Hampshire helps the Council to understand priority areas of action for reducing emissions.

Hampshire carbon emissions report 2022

Where carbon emissions come from in Hampshire​

Using Local Authority and Regional data provided by the government department, Business Energy Industrial Strategy (BEIS), it can be seen that Hampshire emitted 6,482.93 ktCO2 in 2019. This is a reduction of 40.88% since 2005.​

Transport is responsible for the majority of emissions, followed by household emissions, and the industrial and commercial sector.​

For more information about the datasets and a detailed look at the trends, please take a look at the baseline carbon emissions report.​

Emissions report 2022

  • 50.37% Transport
  • 30.09% Household (Domestic)
  • 22.31% Industrial and Commercial
  • Public sector
  • 2.26%

*The total emission percentages are over 100% as land use accounted for the removal of 5% of emissions in 2019

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