Highways laboratory

Our facility at Micheldever in Hampshire provides accurate and prompt testing of construction materials and workmanship for local authorities and private sector clients across the south

Highways Laboratory

Our Highways Laboratory has been providing on-site and lab-based conformance testing for highway and bridge construction materials and workmanship for over 50 years.

Accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), we check compliance against appropriate specifications and British and European standards. We ensure that materials used will not put public safety at risk, while meeting other criteria such as durability and value for money.

We offer competitive prices based on the specific project requirements.

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Our expertise includes

  • Lab-based testing of aggregates, bituminous mixtures, concrete and soils for civil engineering purposes
  • On-site sampling and testing of aggregates, bituminous mixtures, fresh concrete and road pavement surfaces
  • Detailed examination of material properties such as density, particle distribution, moisture content and void content
  • Measurement of performance criteria such as surface slip, skid resistance, durability, noise levels and road marking performance, as well as value for money
  • Production of factual written reports

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Highways Laboratory