Road safety audit

Our experienced team has carried out over 2,000 road safety audits for local authorities, developers and other organisations across the south

Road Safety Audit

Road safety audit is good practice for all new roads or where a significant change to the existing highway network is proposed. It is an independent assessment carried out during the design process and following construction. It identifies potential road safety issues that may affect users of the highway and recommends measures to eliminate or mitigate those problems. An audit considers all road users, including the most vulnerable.

Our auditors are experienced in road safety engineering and collision investigation, and are fully qualified to Highways England requirements as set out in HD 19/15 of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB). They also hold the Highways England Approved Certificate of Competency in Road Safety Audit.

We offer competitive prices based on an hourly rate, and aim to complete audits within three weeks.


Please contact the Road Safety Audit team to discuss your requirements further:

We carry out road safety audits at the following stages:

  • Stage F Feasibility design
  • Stage 1 Completion of preliminary design
  • Stage 2 Completion of detailed design (or combined Stage 1 and 2)
  • Stage 3 Completion of construction
  • Stage 4 Monitoring (12 and 36 months)

We have experience of a wide variety of projects including:

  • New highway infrastructure
  • Traffic management and traffic calming schemes
  • Major and minor highway improvements
  • Cycle schemes
  • Pedestrian facilities
  • Local safety schemes
  • Shared space schemes
  • Bus priority schemes

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Road safety audit