Flood management

We deal with all aspects of flood and water management, drawing on a diverse range of skills including engineering, landscaping, planning, flood risk management, ecology and sustainable development

Flood management

We use the latest information and best practice, as well as our significant experience in the strategic management of flooding. We prepare catchment scale plans, site specific assessments and reviews in accordance with the relevant policies and legislation.

We operate within the public and private sectors, working with local and national government, the Environment Agency, Natural England, developers, consultants and water companies within the flood risk sector. We also work with communities to improve their flood resilience.

Our Environmental Data and Advice Service gives developers and investors a feasibility assessment for any site in Hampshire.

Our expertise includes

  • preparation of local flood risk management strategies and review and preparation of Flood Risk Assessments
  • review of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) design and maintenance
  • assessment of the impacts on flooding from works to watercourses
  • investigations and reporting of flooding from small scale to formal Section 19 Flood and Water Management Act 2010 investigations
  • preparation of feasibility and cost / benefit assessments to support bids for funding of flood mitigation works

Capability statement