Shared Expertise landscape service

We have landscape architects and urban designers with a wealth of experience across a wide range of projects


All the team are members of the Landscape Institute and we have received awards and national recognition for our work.

We specialise in providing a comprehensive and integrated approach to urban design and landscape planning, scheme delivery and management.

The team works at all levels from strategic to local. Our portfolio includes infrastructure projects, landscape design, planning advice for development management, community engagement, and place-specific design interventions.

Our Environmental Data and Advice Service gives developers and investors a feasibility assessment for any site in Hampshire.

Our expertise includes

  • pre-application and planning application consultation
  • landscape and townscape character assessments
  • landscape, landscape planning and urban design advice on plans, strategies and proposals
  • public and partner facilitation and engagement
  • project management, scheme development, detailed design and visualisation
  • scheme delivery, contract management, and monitoring of maintenance works
  • screening and scoping for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment