Site Liaison Panels

We support the creation of local Site Liaison Panels for major or controversial minerals or waste sites. These provide a forum for discussing operational issues between the operator, the County Council (as Planning Authority), interested parties and representatives of the local community.

Guidance is available to help operators establish site liaison panels:

Liaison panel protocol for minerals and waste sites in Hampshire

Hampshire's current liaison panels are:

Site code Site name Number of meetings annually Secretary Status
BA019 Chineham ERF One Operator Active
BA057 Humbly Grove Oilfield Two Operator Active
BA160 Carousel Dairy Three Operator Active
BA173 Herriard Two Operator Active
EH025 Kingsley Quarry If required Operator Active
EH121 Frith End Two Operator Active
FA025 Downend & Warren Farm If required HCC Active
FA032 Rookery Farm If required Operator Active
FA064 Wallington Depot If required Operator Active
HR032 Blackbushe Metals If required HCC Dormant
HR094 New Farm If required HCC Dormant
HV017 Farlington Redoubt If required Operator Active
NF042 Efford If required HCC Dormant
NF091 Bleak Hill Two HCC Active
NF105 Blue Haze If required Operator Dormant
NF172 Bury Farm, Marchwood If required Operator Dormant
NF177 Downton Manor Farm If required Operator Active
NF226 Marchwood ERF One Operator Active
NF255 Plumley Wood Two Operator Active
NF271 Forest Lodge Home Farm TBC Operator To be established
RM033 Lynchford Lane If required Operator Dormant
TV055 Lee Lane If required Operator Active
TV072 Squabb Wood If required HCC Active
TV104 Stockbridge Oilfield If required HCC Dormant
TV226 Roke Manor Two Operator Active
TV236 Yokesford Hill Two Operator Active
WR200 Silverlake Garage If required HCC Dormant
WR215 Four Dell Farm Two HCC/ Operator/ Winchester City Council Active