About Hampshire Archives

Our mission

To collect, safeguard, share and celebrate Hampshire’s rich archival heritage and local studies. To share this with today’s and tomorrow’s people and communities. To support Hampshire County Council’s effective business delivery through managing its records.

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Policy and performance

We are part of Hampshire County Council's Culture, Communities and Business Services department. We are one of the busiest archive services in the country with top, 4-star status in the national assessment of local authority archives services.

We set high standards and track our performance against our published targets. Click 'How we did' for a summary of how we have performed and how we have used our resources.

How we did

Public service 2016/17 2017/18
Visitors 5142 4977
Documents produced 18798 19381
Letters/email enquiries 2998 3549
Telephone enquiries 2844 3105
Research hours completed 57 77
Performance Indicators
Documents produced after 20 minute target 212 110
Letter/email replies after 5 working day target 1 5
Paid research sent after one calendar month target 0 0
Postal copy orders sent after 10 working day target 6 6
Digital photographs sent after 10 working day target 1 3

Customer Liaison Group

The group includes family historians, local historians and academics. It works with the Record Office to improve our customer service delivery. It meets twice a year, usually in May and November.

We would like to open up membership to include customers who are either new to research or new users of Hampshire Record Office. We would value their fresh perspective. As a new user representative, we would ask you to attend just two meetings.


We would also welcome a representative user of the Wessex Film and Sound Archive.

If you are interested in becoming a Customer Liaison Group member, please contact

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