Collecting COVID-19 archives

Making history during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our collections hold material that tells the stories of Hampshire people – from centuries ago to more recent history. Now, we are inviting the people of Hampshire to be a part of the archive of the future, contributing to a new legacy as we collect and preserve details of the COVID-19 pandemic to show its impact on people in Hampshire.

What are we looking for?

Anything that might tell the story of this time period, from diary entries to photographs, videos, leaflets, posters or any other items from Hampshire organisations and individuals. Your contribution can be brief or detailed, a written account, a film or sound recording and submitted anonymously if you’d prefer.

For our project, Making History: Making Movies, funded by the British Film Institute, we are seeking film content that reflects people’s experience of life in 2020. Five minutes of film (edited, or a straight 5 minutes) can be submitted to form part of this project to showcase the work of amateur filmmakers from 1920 to the present day.

How can I submit my material to the COVID-19 archive?

We ask that any COVID-19 related material comes to us as a gift. This means that the ownership of the item/s will pass to Hampshire County Council and the item/s will be held at Hampshire Record Office (HRO).

We also ask, where possible, that copyright in your diary, photograph or film is assigned to us.

There will be a short receipt to sign to confirm your donation and a form for you to specify in more detail how you’re happy for your item(s) to be used.

If you are interested in taking part in Making History, contact us to arrange a call to discuss your contribution.

We ask that you take care not to risk your own or anyone else’s health while gathering or creating any of this material and ensure you follow government guidelines.

What will happen to my contribution?

We will treat everything you supply with care and sensitivity.

To provide context to the material submitted, we find it helpful for contributions to include a few lines of biography (including details such as name, location, occupation and a little bit about yourself). Your personal details will not be made public unless you give permission.

We understand that material supplied could contain personal or private information, and that you may not want others to see this for many years to come. If this is the case, we will discuss the possibility of applying a closure period to the item.

If you plan to submit film, photographs or sound recordings, we will need to ensure you’ve gained the permission of any people featured in these.

If it’s possible that your contribution contains information which could cause damage or distress to people featuring in it. Under data protection legislation we will need to close your item to protect those individuals. We will discuss the possibility of this with you and check this ourselves. If your item does need to be closed, we will contact you to let you know.

With your permission we might wish to use any contribution of film or sound recordings in public screenings as part of our 'Making history: making movies' project.

Who will be able to see my contribution?

Once we have all the details and completed our checks, anyone who’s interested will be able to come into Hampshire Record Office to view it. This could include academics, school pupils, local and family historians or even the media.

Be aware that researchers can request copies of material you have given to us for their own private research, unless you have specified otherwise. Copies may be provided on paper, as photocopies or electronically as scans but researchers sign an agreement to state that any copies they receive will not be reproduced elsewhere.