Blood and misery in this sad tragedie

The nature and impact of the English Civil War in Hampshire

15 July 2024 6pm to 7:30pm

Siege of Basing print

In this illustrated talk, Dr Alistair Dougall will explore how the English Civil War involved and affected the people of Hampshire. Although there was only one major battle in the county together with a number of sieges, there were numerous skirmishes and the Hampshire people were not spared the enormous human and financial costs of the war. Using contemporary accounts, Alistair’s talk will look at the impact on families of quartering soldiers from both sides and of plundering, robberies, impressment, intimidation and attacks, and at how, by the end of “these unnatural wars”, many had had their houses and livelihoods utterly destroyed.

There will also be an opportunity to look at original Hampshire archives from the Civil War and Interregnum period, including manuscripts concerning the siege of Basing House, and a record of the births of Oliver Cromwell’s grandchildren.