Education and group visits

Talks and visits

We offer an annual programme of talks, visits and film presentations for local groups in Hampshire.


Most talks are PowerPoint presentations. These usually last between 45 minutes and an hour and delivered by one of our volunteers. We cannot provide talks on the local history of a particular locality.

For talks we ask for audiences of at least 30 people. If your group consists of fewer than 20 people you can book a visit on a weekday evening.


Visits usually last an hour and a half and include a tour of Hampshire Record Office and an exhibition of archive treasures.

Wessex Film and Sound Archive presentations

Groups can choose from a selection of show reels containing archive film on a variety of local places and topics. Film presentations will be delivered by one of our volunteers.

Our talks

  • Work of Hampshire Record Office and sources for local history
  • Sources for family history at Hampshire Record Office
  • How to trace the history of your house at Hampshire Record Office
  • Maps as sources for local history
  • School records at Hampshire Record Office
  • Sources for army ancestry and war memorials


To book a talk, visit or film presentation, please contact

For prices please see Fees and Charges

Educational workshops

We welcome group visits from schools, academies and colleges, also teachers and student teachers, who would like to familiarise themselves with what archives can offer them in workshop sessions at Hampshire Record Office (up to 15 people).

Resource boxes for hire

Our resource boxes, based around archive film, offer a range of primary source material. This allows a class to conduct their own extended project. We currently have 2 boxes for hire; each uses a different film as its focus.

  • The Adventures of the Girl Pat (KS2&KS3)
    The story of a missing boat… a journey to the other side of the world… and how it came home
  • A Moment in Time (KS3)
    Comings and goings in 1930s Southampton and Paris Exposition 1937

We hire out boxes for a half term at a time, to allow schools to use the materials as fully as possible. You can combine your resource box with a visit to Hampshire Record Office (one half term’s hire and a behind the scenes tour for up to 10 students, 1.5hrs)

For further information download our information pack