Important notice

In line with the Government’s COVID-19 roadmap, Hampshire Record Office is reopening from 13 April 2021 for pre-booked appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Requests for copying and research services involving documents stored in the Records Office will also resume from 12 April.

You can also search our collections online.

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Hampshire Record Office

Opening hours

Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 4pm. Booking is essential.

Contact details

Phone 01962 846154

Contact Archives and Local Studies


Sussex Street Winchester SO23 8TH

Our new arrangements for visits to Hampshire Record Office

We have put in place measures for the safety of visitors and staff. We will ask you to confirm you will comply with these arrangements when you arrive at Hampshire Record Office.

  • Do not visit if you have symptoms of COVID-19
  • Follow the Government guidance on travelling
  • Continue to follow the latest Government guidance on the coronavirus
  • Come at the stated arrival time
  • Wear a face covering in public areas at all times
  • Respect all signage and directions for the safety of yourself and others, especially in observing 2m distancing from others and good hygiene measures
  • Wash your hands thoroughly on arrival and departure. You may bring your own hand sanitiser. If you use this in the search room, please allow it to dry thoroughly before touching documents etc
  • All financial transactions will be cashless
Before you visit

Sign up for an Archives Card if you visit archives regularly.

Contact Archives and Local Studies to request a booking and order documents and microfiche by Thursday evening of the week before your intended visit.

  1. Start your message by writing the word BOOKING
  2. Include date and time in your booking request
  3. Include your phone number in case we need to discuss your requirements or cancel your visit at short notice
  4. Make one booking only (no further bookings until after your visit)
  5. Book for yourself only. If you need to bring a carer or helper they will need to book separately
  6. Search our catalogue for documents and our parish register lists A to M and N to Z for microfiche that you wish to consult
  7. List all the document reference numbers, details of microfiche (for example, parish, type of register, dates) and any books you wish to consult. We will not fetch more documents on the day. We may be unable to make some documents available, such as due to bulkiness, multiple items under one reference number, or being quarantined. Tithe maps and awards will be available in digital form only

Wait until you have received confirmation of your booking before making transport arrangements.

Let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your booking.

During your visit


  • Bring the minimum (coats, bags) that you need; lockers will be provided
  • Respect the need to queue to use the customer toilets, one at a time
  • Bring all the stationery you need, such as pencils and paper, as we will be unable to provide these; laptops are welcome
  • We are unable to provide facilities for you to take refreshments


  • Your visit will be logged through your account with the Archives Card website and our booking system; this will replace the signing-in procedure
  • You will not need an Archives Card to consult documents or enter or leave the search room

Using the search room

  • Only sit at the seat that is allocated to you
  • All your requested documents/ microfiche etc, will be made available at the same time. When you have finished with them all alert Help Desk staff. All the documents you have consulted will then be checked back, before you leave the search room, so you will need to allow sufficient time at the end of your visit for this (20 mins is suggested)
  • Documents and other resources are subject to quarantine so items may not always be available when you want to see them
  • Alert the staff member on the Help Desk if you wish to leave the search room for any reason
  • The usual guidelines will still apply: pencils only, no eating or drinking, adherence to data protection and copyright rules
  • Copying services are not available except self-service photography (permit charge usually applies). Orders for copying must be made remotely (eg by letter or online form)

Other information

Where to find us

We are located close to Winchester railway station.

There are several council car parks nearby including Gladstone Street, Tower Street and Worthy Lane, see City Council Car Parks. Alternatively, there are four Park and Ride car parks. The buses from all Park and Ride car parks stop outside the railway station.

We have no parking facilities available on site except for those with very limited mobility. A space must be booked in advance, telephone: 01962 846154 To reach our accessible parking, follow signs to Winchester railway station, pass the station on your left and down to a mini roundabout. Take the right turn on the roundabout which leads to a barrier. Press the intercom to speak to staff.


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