Archive Film for Reminiscence

Wessex Film and Sound Archive holds over 38,000 film items from across the region

With footage from 1898 up to the present day, the collection is an excellent source for reminiscence work.

There are many benefits of reminiscence therapies – the process of engaging with sights, sounds, tastes and smells of the past is known for triggering long-term memories, particularly in elderly patients with dementia.

Archive film used for reminiscence could form part of an effective strategy to improve quality of life and psychological wellbeing for the elderly; both within care settings and in the community.

Interaction with film, photographs, treasured objects and favourite songs can all help stimulate fond thoughts of the past and allow individuals to begin to recall their own personal histories. This, in turn, can go on to boost mood and stimulate wider conversation and makes a great activity for anyone, not just those living with dementia.

Our 2-DVD pack can be hired for £30 (plus VAT) by individuals/community organisations/care homes/charities for a two week period.

Disk 1 - Montage of local film footage arranged in date order from 1930 to 1980 (1 hour 8 minutes)

Telephone exchangeDisk 2 - Segments of film arranged in topics, including: 

  • High Days and Holidays (11 minutes)
  • Work Life (22 minutes)
  • Home Life (20 minutes)
  • School Life (16 minutes)
  • World War II (27 minutes)

All of the footage included has an ambient soundtrack added, and includes a spoken commentary.

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