Conditions of use for Hampshire Internet Point Terminal

Provided by Hampshire County Council

If you are aged 8 to 15 inclusive you can use the computers if your parent or guardian has filled in a form giving you permission to do so.

Children aged 7 or under are welcome but can only use a computer when a parent or carer aged over 16 is using it with them.

We ask you to agree to these conditions of use each time you use the service.

You must abide by all current relevant legislation, including copyright legislation.

You must not:

  • Access, download, send or publish material which is obscene, indecent, offensive or menacing
  • Attempt to break into any system which you are not authorised to access
  • Tamper with the hardware, software, security systems or set up of the computers
  • Use another person's details to log on

Any such use will result in you being denied access to the Hampshire Information Point PCs in any Hampshire location and may result in prosecution.

  • You are responsible for your documents and data. We recommend you delete anything created and temporarily stored on the computer before logging out. If you leave them on the computer other library users or staff may view and delete them.
    • Any data stored on the computer will normally be erased at the end of your session but technical problems may sometimes prevent this.
    • Any loss of data is not the responsibility of library staff.
    • USB equipment is connected at your own risk.
  • Access to the Internet is at the users' own risk.
    • Hampshire County Council cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy, quality, availability or appropriateness of the resources accessed.
    • Due to the public location of PCs it may not be appropriate to view some websites or communications.
    • Websites are filtered but we cannot guarantee the complete exclusion of undesirable material.
  • The Internet is not a secure medium.
    • We advise you not to send personal, confidential or sensitive information.
    • You can use the PCs to order goods and services at your own risk.
    • Hampshire County Council will not be liable in any way for queries, complaints, loss, damage or any claim whatsoever arising from third party transactions.
  • Hampshire County Council reserves the right to monitor the use of email and Internet communications and where necessary data may be accessed or intercepted in the following circumstances:
    • To ensure that the security of the County Council's computer hardware, software, networks or systems are not compromised
    • To prevent or detect crime or unauthorised use of the County Council's computer hardware, software, networks or systems
  • The County Council respects the right of individuals to privacy of communications. At the same time it has a duty to protect the interests of itself and others against unlawful use of its computer facilities. To balance these needs, interception of personal and private communications will not normally take place unless grounds exist to show evidence of some crime or other unlawful or unauthorised use.
    • Access to personal and private communications will only take place in line with legislation governing interception of electronic communications.
    • Such access will only be authorised following an assessment to determine what, if any, access or interception is justified.

You can have up to one hour each day when there is a computer available. Further sessions may be available depending on local circumstances.

Help and support

Please ask staff for help but note that the support we can offer depends on the resources and staff available at the time and is at the discretion of staff.