Best jokes about books!

To celebrate the start of the Winter Reading Challenge, we’ve collected together 12 of the funniest jokes we could find about books

Jan 14 2021

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Here’s our 12 best jokes about books. Can you do any better?

When is a green book not a green book?
When it’s read!

What did the frog say when he went to the library?
Reddit, reddit, reddit!

Librarian: I’m sorry sir, this is a library
Man: (whispers) Can I have a burger and chips

Yesterday a book fell on my head…
Well I only have my SHELF to blame

Dad’s fried egg got into the Guinness Book of Records.
I hope he can clean it off!

Why did the bird fly into the library?
Because he was looking for bookworms!

I went to the library to ask if they had any books about turtles and the librarian asked if I meant hardback.
I said, yeah, and little heads!

I’m reading a book about anti-gravity.
It’s impossible to put down!

Why should you not write a book on dragons?
Because writing a book on paper is much easier!

What’s the difference between a chatterbox and a dull book?
You can shut the book up!

Which building is the tallest?
The library – it’s got the most stories!

What’s a rabbit’s favourite novel?
Warren Peace!