Colour-in the squirrel

Print out this activity sheet and colour-in the squirrel

Jul 19 2021

Squirrel colouring sheet

Hazel the squirrel is the animal companion of Willow, one of the Wild World Heroes.

Fun fact: Squirrels store the food they find in autumn by burying them in the ground. They dig it up again in winter to keep them going when there is less food around. But out of all of the nuts the squirrels bury, they’re only able to find about 90% of them again. Scientist think that with all of the nuts left buried beneath the ground, squirrels actually plant millions of trees every year!

Print off this activity sheet to colour in the squirrel. Once you have finished, take a picture and send it to us if you can. We’d love to see how you get on.

Download the colouring-in sheet