Winter Reading Challenge book review: Hamlet

A level students take note!

Jan 26 2021

Book review - Hamlet

We were very impressed with one of our readers taking part in this year’s Winter Reading Challenge. Felix has read Andrew Matthew’s retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet as one of his four book challenges and has provided us with this concise and useful summary of the plot. We’re sure it’ll be very handy for any A level students struggling with this complex play!

Here’s Felix’s description of the story:

The book was about a boy called Hamlet. But his normal name was Prince Hamlet. When he met his father’s ghost and told him he had his funeral because Claudius poured poison in the kings ear. The ghost told Hamlet he must kill Claudius to finish his quest to kill Claudius. Hamlet then got all worked up and crazy. But in a few more moments he whipped his sword into his mother’s curtain but he killed lord Polonius, because he was listening in to what Hamlet and his mother were talking about. Hamlet got taken away to Elsinore and then started to fight Laertes with real swords. Hamlet won and killed Claudius, but he was killed at the end. Hamlet finished his quest but died. Horatio’s voice whispered: "farewell sweet Prince" and the rest was silence. The end of Hamlet.

Well done Felix!

We love seeing your reviews and comments about the books you’re reading for the Winter Reading Challenge. Please keep sharing them in your online Reading Record