About the library service

Hampshire's library service is one of the biggest in the country

Hampshire Library Service is one of the largest in the country, with nearly 600 staff employed across our 40+ locations. We offer a range of services to the residents of Hampshire, from book lending and research spaces to 3D printing and iPad borrowing facilities.

Follow the links below to read our lending policy and vision for 2020, or keep reading to learn more about the standards and values that help us to deliver a first-class service to Hampshire residents.

Library careers

Standards and values

  • We will engage with customers, putting them at the centre of relevant and high quality services
  • Contribute to the health and wellbeing of our communities by providing a safe environment and inspiring people to read, learn and access information
  • Provide equal access for everyone and embrace digital technologies to enhance our diverse range of services
  • Improve our services by developing our staff to achieve their full potential, and through collaboration with our partners
  • Respect the personal data of our customers, complying with legislation and good practice. Read our Privacy policy
  • Achieve financial resilience and sustainability by seizing opportunities to reduce costs and increase income


Provide service access to those unable to attend a library in person. Provide an equal and inclusive service to all our customers

Integrity & trust

Preserve the trusted brand of the Library and Information Service


Maintain a culture of performance management to ensure the development of our staff and improvement of our services


Develop services in a way which embraces digital technologies, where possible being at the forefront of digital innovation and aspiring to meet the needs of our customers within the framework of the law


Provide and promote services that people want to use, ensuring value for money, maximising income generating opportunities and attracting investment when it is appropriate to do so


Listen to our customers, staff and partners to inform our decision making and plans for the future

Facts and figures

  • We are part of Hampshire County Council's Culture, Communities and Business Services department and one of the largest library services in the country
  • Almost 600 staff are employed in 45 libraries and 3 Discovery Centres. We also support 4 community managed libraries
  • Hampshire Libraries hold over 2 million items of stock and receive over 6 million visits a year. In addition over 15% of issues and renewals are carried out online
  • There is an ongoing programme to install self service and this facility is available in almost half of our libraries
  • Every library has both public computers and WiFi, providing free access to the internet