A Death in Peking: Who really killed Pamela Werner

Graeme Sheppard investigates this infamous cold case at Portchester Library

1 May 2019 7pm to 11:59pm

A Death in Peking: Who Really Killed Pamela Werner - An author-led interactive book presentation.

Author and retired police officer Graeme Sheppard investigates this infamous cold case.

"A Death in Peking" (Earnshaw Books)

Peking, a freezing morning in January 1937, and a young woman, Pamela Werner, is discovered murdered by the old city wall.
Most mysteriously, her heart has also been stolen. The crime defeated the British and Chinese police and went unsolved.
Eighty years on, the murder theories of Pamela's father (as expounded in the book "Midnight in Peking") are unpicked and shown to be wrong by retired police officer Graeme Sheppard.

Examine the evidence, investigate the crime, and discover the real offender from among the nine possible suspects.

For a deeper investigation, copies of the book will be available for sale and signing on the night.

Check with venue for finish time