Dressmaking Mixed Ability at Fleet Library

Working at your own pace, learn to use a pattern to produce a garment to fit

23 April 2019 9:45am to 12:15pm

5 week course
Every Tuesday from 23 April to 21 May, 9.45am to 12:15pm. 

About the course

Working at your own pace this is an opportunity to learn how to use a pattern to produce a garment to fit. Learners will work with different levels and techniques of sewing according to their ability.

The course is aimed at mixed ability dressmaking although it is expected you can use the basic functions of a sewing machine. You will learn how to read patterns, make and fit a toile and all about the different techniques required for your chosen garment construction. This course is practical and requires a degree of manual dexterity.

Equipment required for each lesson:

  • sewing machine in working order with relevant presser feet and bobbins
  • sewing pattern of your choice suitable for your experience
  • polyester thread for your project
  • spare needles for sewing machine plus hand sewing needles
  • pins
  • fabric scissors
  • paper scissors
  • tape measure
  • Sellotape
  • pens/pencils
  • ruler
  • paper/pad
  • tailors chalk
  • old sheet or cheap fabric for toile
  • fabric required to make your garment - this can be discussed during first lesson
Ask the library if you do not have access to your own sewing machine.

Learning goals

  • lay out a pattern correctly onto fabric
  • pin the pattern to the fabric
  • cut the fabric
  • create a toile
  • adjust the pattern to fit
  • use a sewing machine to sew the garment
  • learn sewing techniques according to chosen pattern, such as zip fastening 

This course could lead to

Patchwork and quilting; crochet or knitting.


Booking is essential, so contact the Library. Call the Booking Line (01252 612709) or visit the Hantsweb Shop to guarantee a place.

Attendance is expected at each session to ensure that you get the most out of your learning experience and to minimise disruption for other learners. Please advise the venue/tutor of any absence you may have.