A Beginners Guide to Birdwatching

Get to know your Chiffchaffs from your Willow Warblers at Gosport Discovery Centre!

Do you want to brush up on your common bird song and identification skills, or just want to learn more about your garden and local birds?

This talk starts with some tips on the right equipment needed to get started and how to encourage birds and other wildlife into your garden, what food attracts which birds etc. Some of our commoner birds can look very similar when you are just getting started, so the differences are explained and you even get to listen to their different songs to help the identification process.

By the end of this illustrated talk you'll know your Song Thrushes from your Mistle Thrushes, your Chiffchaffs from your Willow Warblers and be better equipped to
identify your garden visitors.


About the Speaker Ashley Grove

From a very young age, Ashley’s passion for nature and the great outdoors was obvious. Initially taking inspiration from his parents, he was soon pointing out new species of birds to them in their Warwickshire garden.
Life does however have it’s restrictions, the need for a “proper” job being one of those, so Birds and Photography were relegated to hobbies for some time. However along side the day jobs, Ashley has volunteered for the RSPB for many years and was asked by his local group in 2006 to give a talk, being already established as a very capable wildlife photographer.
This was to be the beginning of a big change and now as a recommended speaker for the RSPB, BTO & Royal Horticultural Society, Ashley gives around 50 talks a year. Subject matter for the talks is taken from his travels, which began in The Gambia and so became the obvious destination for his first guided tour.

‘Experience Nature’ have now run 15 holidays to The Gambia, many breaks to the Spanish Pyrenees, Trinidad & Tobago, Sri Lanka, Sweden and various British destinations, with more places in the pipeline at home and abroad.