Free Motion Embroidery Workshop @ Farnborough Library

To celebrate The Queen's Jubilee, use free motion embroidery to produce a piece of artwork.

16 May 2022 9:45am to 12:15pm

Learning in Libraries
You will practice the skills required to produce a piece of artwork designed by the tutor, or you are welcome to bring a design of your own. Learners will work with different levels and techniques of sewing according to their ability. You will learn the skills and techniques required for your individual project whilst being in a friendly, classroom setting, with likeminded people.

About the Course: The first part of the workshop will teach you how to set up your machine, learn and practice the skills and best techniques for free motion embroidery and applique. Once confident, you will then move on to produce your piece of artwork; using your learnt free motion skills, be creative and you can even add writing! The process of being creative can bring numerous health benefits and general feelings of wellbeing. Research shows that taking up sewing can help, amongst other things depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, insomnia and raising levels of happiness.

Previous Knowledge or Experience: This course is practical and requires a degree of manual dexterity. You are required to be able to thread your own sewing machine but anyone with an interest in sewing, complete beginners and more experienced sewers are all welcome!

Learning Goals: (by the end of the course you will be able to…

  • Show how to drop the feed dogs OR add a darning plate on a sewing machine
  • Attach a free motion embroidery/darning foot to the sewing machine
  • Demonstrate how to apply darning stitch/free motion embroidery using the straight stitch to draw and write onto fabric
  • Practice attaching fabric using Bondaweb and using free motion/darning stitches to applique.

What shall I bring:

  • Sewing machine in good working order
  • Embroidery/darning foot compatible for your sewing machine
  • Reel of Black Polyester thread plus an optional variety of colours
  • A bobbin/s filled with matching threads
  • A base fabric or dissolvable fabric
  • Fabric pieces/shapes for your chosen design
  • Fusible heavyweight interfacing
  • Optional: Bondaweb, tailor’s chalk or washable marker, embroidery hoop.

N.B. You need to lower the feed-dogs on your machine - if they cannot be lowered, then you require a darning plate for your machine. Please refer to the manual that comes with your machine as each machine is slightly different.

How will I learn: Discussion, demonstration, and independent sewing in a friendly classroom environment

Booking is essential

We will contact you prior to the course to explain our procedures for keeping you all safe in our covid secure setting.