Barnstormers @ Winchester Discovery Centre

After more than a year away, Barnstormers Comedy finally returns to Winchester Discovery Centre. As ever, a fabulous MC will be on hand, to introduce three more top turns from the London Comedy Circuit and beyond.

15 October 2021 7:45pm to 11pm

Barnstormers Comedy poster

Friday 15th October 2021
7.45 pm

A fantastic final show of the season in prospect at the ever-delightful theatre in the library in the heart of Hampshire. As ever, top Barnstormers Comedy MC and comedian Kevin Precious will be on hand to introduce three more brilliant acts from the London Comedy Circuit, and beyond.

The perfect tonic to end the working week!

This month's acts:

John Ryan

"The irresistibly amiable John Ryan uses his acerbic wit and seemingly encyclopaedic knowledge of the world around him to keep any audience on their toes."

Mary Bourke

"Self-styled 'housewife comedian' Mary Bourke may look sweet in her flowery tea-dress, but her humour pulls no punches."

Michael Fabbri

"An affable and electric style of comedy, with material that ranges from the cerebral to the smutty."


Please note we operate a ticketless system where possible. No physical ticket will be required on the day, we will have a record of all ticket holders on the door