When a book might help

Sharing stories about various situations can put a child’s mind at ease and make transitions and new experiences easier to cope with

Book list Tags
Absent Parents absent fathers, absent mothers, absent parents, children, prison, single parent families, single parents
Adoption and Fostering adopted, adoption, families, fostering
Allergies allergies, allergy, asthma, eczema, food allergies, food allergy
Asthma allergies allergy asthma asthmatic breathing children
Autistic Spectrum - Autism Asperger Asperger's syndrome autism autistic children
Babysitters au pair baby sitter babysitter child minder childminder children
Bath Time Battles bath bath time children hygiene smelly
Bed Wetting bed wetting children continence incontinence soiling
Bedtime Problems bed bedtime children fear night sleep sleepover worries
Body Image body image children different gender height short size tall weight
Bullying abuse bully bullying children prejudice
Bumps, Birth, Babies babies, birth, children, conception, pregnancy, sex education
Childminders au pair babysitter child minder childminder children
Comforter blankie children comforter dummies dummy mussie noo-noo security blanket
Confidence children confidence courage fear shy worries
Coping with Death bereavement children death dying grief loss
Dare to be Different different individual special unique
Dealing with Dementia Alzheimer's children dementia
Disability - Disabilities blind cerebral palsy children different disability disabled Down's Syndrome special spina bifida wheelchair
Divorce & Separation children divorce separation
Doctors and hospitals   
Dyslexia and Difficulties with Reading and Writing children dyslexia learning difficulties reading word blindness
Eating & Food allergies children eating food fussy manners mealtimes
Facing Fears & Phobias children dark fear fears phobia phobias scared worried worries worry
Feelings and Emotions anger angry children emotions feelings happy jealous jealousy love miserable misery moods sad scared
Friends & Friendship children friends friendship shy shyness
Head Lice children hair head lice lice nits
Hearing deaf deafness ears hear hearing aid hearing loss sign language signing
Height height short small tall
Hygiene & Keeping Clean children clean cleanliness germs health hygiene smelly
Illness children doctor health ill illness poorly sick spots unwell
Learning Social Skills apologising, appropriate, behaviour, biting, honesty, hurtful, kind, manners, please, politeness, temper, thank you
LGBT+ children LGBT LGBT+ gay homosexual transgender parents
Life With a New Baby baby baby birth brother children new baby sister birth brother children new baby sister
Stories About Children With Medical Conditions cerebral palsy children epilepsy hemiplegia spina bifida
Mixed Race Families children families grandparents mixed-race parents
Moving House children house moving new home room
Pre-School Education nursery playgroup playschool pre-school
Refugees children, refugee, refugees
Same Sex Parents children, gay, homosexual, lesbian, parents
School Days back to school big school changing schools children new school starting school
Sharing children jealous jealousy share sharing
Shyness children confidence confident nervous shy shyness
Sight blind blindness braille children eyes glasses see seeing sight spectacles vision visual impairment visually impaired
Strangers lost safe safety stranger stranger danger
Swimming children fears swim swimming water
Taking Care in the Summer Sun beach children safety sun sun cream sunburn
Talking About Teeth brushing children teeth tooth fairy toothbrush wobbly tooth
Toilet Training children, lavatory, loo, potty, puddle, toilet
Twins, Triplets and more children families identical multiple births triplets twin twins
Worries and Anxieties anxieties, anxiety, anxious, children, fears, worried, worries, worry