Advertising, sponsorship and partnerships

With over 4 million visits a year through our Hampshire branches we can help your business stand out and engage with our visitors and to thousands more through our digital campaigns. We offer businesses the opportunity to achieve their business objectives within our libraries through advertising sponsorship and partnerships.

Benefits of working with us

Benefits of working with Hampshire Library Service include: 

  • libraries are safe and welcoming retreats between home, work and school 
  • working with our trusted and respected brand 
  • they are sources of information, entertainment, and inspiration: a gateway to learning and the arts  
  • community hubs that offer support and advice that visitors trust  
  • offer maximum exposure and reach to high footfalls 
  • opportunity to engage with the local community 

There are many spaces within Hampshire Libraries that we can utilise to help you engage and create awareness.

Opportunities include: 

  • library members' e-newsletter and podcast 
  • Digital library 
  • Children’s groups including Rhymetime and Construction club
  • clubs, masterclasses, and book signings 
  • product placement, talks and sampling 
  • promotional events, pop-up displays
  • goody bag sponsorship 


Advertising can start from as little as £20 a month through:

  • What's On guides  
  • A2 poster spaces, A-boards, table talkers
  • self-service machines and digital screens 

For more information and to receive a copy of our media pack email: