Reading group sets

We provide sets of books for groups to borrow

There are over 1700 sets available. The focus is on modern fiction, but we also provide some classics and non-fiction works.

Most sets have 10 copies of a title and, if available, we can also supply up to 2 large print and 2 spoken word editions for use by group members who have difficulty reading standard print due to sight loss or other conditions.

Register your group

To borrow reading group sets, sign up for group membership at your local library. Once you have registered your group, you can order sets online or at your local library.

Your membership also entitles you to borrow playsets.

Check availability

Before making a request, check whether the set is available.

Check availability

Existing bookings are blocked out in red. Make sure there is a clear 3 month slot, starting with the month in which you want to pick up the set. For example, if you wish to pick up the set in March, check the spreadsheet to ensure that March, April and May are free. This is to allow for transportation between bookings and to ensure groups get their sets on time.

You can also browse sets and check availability from the spreadsheet link on the request form.

Request to borrow a reading group set

Once you have checked availability, sets can be booked using the online form or in person at the library where you registered. Multiple requests can be placed on the one form and you can book up to 12 months in advance. You can also request playsets on this form as well.

Request a reading group set

New additions

Select the New Additions tab of the Reading Group Sets spreadsheet to find the most recent titles added to our collection.

You can then check availability on the same spreadsheet and book in the usual way.

Find new additions

Read and add reviews

When choosing sets for your group it often helps to see what others have enjoyed.

Read reviews or add your own

Cancel a booking

Cancel a booking

If a reading group set is not in stock

You can suggest a title for purchase by completing the form. Alternatively, log into your account and select 'Stock Suggestion' on the home page. Indicate whether the suggestion is for a reading group set or a playset. Log on to my account

Lost or damaged items

Any item borrowed from a Hampshire library can be replaced by a good quality replacement copy or by paying the replacement cost.

Joining or running a reading group

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