Music score sets

Music scores and performance sets are available for loan

Music scores are available singly as a standard book loan. In addition, Hampshire also offers performance sets - vocal scores, libretti and orchestral sets.

These sets are available to any group providing they can collect and return sets at a Hampshire County Council library.

If you value the service you have received, please acknowledge Hampshire County Council in your promotional material.

Music Set group membership

Before you can borrow a music set you must sign up for group membership.

You can apply at any Hampshire library.

Group membership costs £20 per year.

Charges for borrowing a music set

£12.50 for 20 vocal scores available in sets of up to 120 copies.

£25 for an orchestral set.


Find the set you would like to borrow

Browse vocal scores

Browse orchestral sets

Request to borrow a music set

Sets can be booked using the online form or in person at the library you registered at.

Groups can borrow up to 5 sets at a time.

Sets can be borrowed for up to 6 months.

Sets can be ordered up to 12 months in advance. Early booking is advisable as some sets are very popular. Please allow at least one month's notice when ordering a set.

The responsibility lies with your group to ensure you comply with copyright and performing rights legislation.

Sets not held in Hampshire stock may also be requested.

Request a music set

Returning sets

The complete set must be returned by the end of the loan period.

Overdue charges apply to individual copies/parts that are not returned.

Groups must replace missing copies/parts within one month.