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Author(s) Title Publisher Cast Copies Christmas One Act Play Female Cast Junior Cast Male Cast
Albee, EdwardTiny Alice, Box and Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tungPenguinVarious6One-Act
Andersen, H CSnow Queen SEE R Nicol or S Magito and R Weil
Astell, BettyAladdin - a pantomimeS French9 male 3 female sprs.10Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Ayckbourn, AlanCallisto 5S French3 male 1 female or 2m 1 female3Junior Cast
Ayckbourn, AlanInvisible friendsFaber4 male 3 female6Junior Cast
Ayckbourn, AlanMr A's amazing maze playsS French6 male 2 female7Junior Cast
Bayliss, A E MJunior one-act plays of today 2nd seriesHarrapvarious3One-ActJunior Cast
Bennett, AlanWind in the willows adapted from the book by Kenneth GrahameS French12m./and supers.10Junior Cast
Blythe, RichardJack, the giant and the jiggery plotS French12 male 2 female6One-ActJunior Cast
Bolt, RobertThwarting of Baron BolligrewHeinemann9male 1 female8Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Bradley, AlfredScatterbrained scarecrow of OzS French9male 7 female min 99Junior Cast
Bradley, AlfredWizard of Oz from the book by BaumS French6 male 7 female9Junior Cast
Bradley, Alfred and Bond, MAdventures of a bear called PaddingtonS French5 male 3 female sprs.9Junior Cast
Carter, MargaretPuss in Boots - pantomimeS French15 male 8 female sprs.7Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Carter, MargaretSleeping beauty - pantomimeS French20 Characters12Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Dahl, RoaldCharlie and the chocolate factory adapted by R R GeorgePenguin10 male 9 female4One-ActJunior Cast
Dahl, RoaldCharlie and the great glass elevator adapted by R R GeorgePuffin17 male 4 female11Junior Cast
Dahl, RoaldFantastic Mister Fox adapted by S ReidPuffin9 male 7 female sprs.12One-ActJunior Cast
Dahl, RoaldGiraffe and the Pelly and meS French6 male 1 female6Junior Cast
Dahl, RoaldJames and the giant peach adapted by R R GeorgePenguinlarge cast11One-ActJunior Cast
Dahl, RoaldWitchesS French4 male 6 female sprs.8Junior Cast
Ellison, LesUtter garbageS French7 Characters 5 sprs.9Junior Cast
Foxton, DavidCrowns, the king and the long lost smileS French12 male 4 female sprs.9Junior Cast
Gardiner, JohnDracula spectacularS French24 Characters11Junior Cast
Gardiner, John and Coleman, FMr Macaroni and the exploding pizza pieS French4 male 3 female sprs.9Junior Cast
Gavin, BillLand of Kerfuffle - a play for ChristmasS French12 male 3 female sprs.11Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Golding, WilliamLord of the flies - SEE N Williams
Grahame, KennethToad of Toad Hall - SEE A A Milne
Grahame, KennethWind in the willows - SEE A Bennett or W Hall
Gray, Nicholas SBeauty and the beastOUP4 male 3 female5Junior Cast
Greenslade, Mary and Harvey, AScenes for two - book 1 (duologues)S French2 Characters2One-ActJunior Cast
Hall, WillisChristmas crackersS French7 male 2 female9Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Hall, WillisKidnapped at ChristmasS French7 male 2 female9Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Hall, WillisRight Christmas caperS French7 male 2 female9Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Hall, WillisWind in the willows- A musical based on the story by Kenneth GrahameS French15ch sprs11Junior Cast
Harding, MargaretSea king's daughterS French20 male16 female sprs11Junior Cast
Hay, IanCrimson coconutS French4 male 2 female5One-ActJunior Cast
Hutchins, PatCurse of the Egyptian mummy S French5 male 4 female +7m 1 female child11Junior Cast
Jackson, ElizabethAlice in Wonderland from the book by L CarrollHeinemannlarge cast 4Junior Cast
Kipling, RudyardJungle book adapted by J HartochS French24 male 5 female8Junior Cast
Lewis, Clive StaplesLion, the witch and the wardrobe adapted by G RobbinsS French11 male 6 female11Junior Cast
Lewis, Clive StaplesMagician's nephew adapted by G RobbinsS French16 male 5 female9Junior Cast
Lewis, Clive StaplesVoyage of the Dawntreader adapted by G RobbinsS French24 male 5 female9Junior Cast
Lloyd, RichardTreasure Island - the pantoS French19 Characters9Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Milne, A AWinnie-the-Pooh adapted by G RobbinsS French7 male 4 female11Junior Cast
Morgan, VerneOld King Cole / King Cole in Space - pantomimeS French6 male 5 female sprs.11Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Pratchett, TerryWyrd sistersCorgi8 male 5 female11Junior Cast
Pullman, PhilipSherlock Holmes and the Limehouse horrorNelson8 male 3 female8Junior Cast
Russell, WillyOur day out and other playsU/Kvarious10One-ActJunior Cast
Smith, DodieHundred and one dalmationsS French9 Characters sprs.18Junior Cast
Toksvig, JeniferCurious quest for the sandman's sandS French11 Characters sprs11Junior Cast
Toksvig, JeniferShake, ripple and rollS French13 Characters11Junior Cast
Tristram, DavidInspector Drake and the perfekt crimeFlying Ducks3 male 2 female5Junior Cast
Tristram, DavidInspector Drake and the time machineFlying Ducks5-9 Characters9Junior Cast
Tristram, DavidInspector Drake's last caseFlying Ducks7 male 4 female (or 7m 5 female)11Junior Cast
West, TrudySleeping Beauty - a basic pantomimeS French9 male14 female sprs.9Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Whelan, PeterAccrington palsS French5 male 5 female10Junior Cast
Williams, NigelWilliam Golding's Lord of the flies adapted by N WilliamsFaber14 male11Junior Cast
Wood, DavidBabe the sheep-pigS French10 Characters sprs.10Junior Cast
Wood, DavidMeg and Mog show based on the books by H Nicoll and J PienkowskiS French8 male 5 female11Junior Cast
Wood, DavidRupert and the green dragonS French16 Characters11Junior Cast
Wood, DavidPied piper - a musical playS French5 male 4 female & 20 Characters8Junior Cast
Wood, PatriciaCaptain Blackboot's islandS French14 male 6 female sprs.12One-ActJunior Cast
Wood, PatriciaDandelion time - a fantasyS French25 male 19 female sprs.11Junior Cast
Bennett, AlanBeyond the fringe - a revueS French5 male9Male Cast
Firth, TimNeville's island - comedyS French4 male4Male Cast
Jerome, Jerome KThree men in a boat adapted by Jim SperinckJasper Publications3 male2Male Cast
Rose, ReginaldTwelve angry menS French14 male8Male Cast
Wood, MargaretTop table - a satirical comedyS French8 male sprs.7One-ActMale Cast
Adams, P H and Carter, CJack and the beanstalk - a basic pantomimeS French4 male 5 female sprs.8Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Allen, JanetThree Medieval playsHeinemannvarious6Christmas / Pantomime
Carter, MargaretSnow White and the seven dwarfsS French14 male 9 female9Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Castle, NanNight in BethlehemEvans6 female5Christmas / PantomimeOne-ActFemale Cast
Dickens, CharlesChristmas Carol adapted by S SuttonS French23 male 15 female12Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Nicol, RonSnow Queen S French32 Characters11Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Reakes, PaulLittle Jack Horner - a pantomimeS French7 male 6 female sprs.10Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
West, TrudyBeauty and the beast - a basic pantomimeS French5 male 4 female sprs.8Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Banister, EveMargaret -a play in One-ActGarnet Miller4 female10One-ActFemale Cast
Bate, SamRumour - a play for womenS French6 female6One-ActFemale Cast
Black, Ian StuartEven less legal - a sequel to 'Nothing legal'Evans8 female7One-ActFemale Cast
Booth, AnthonyCosta del Packet - a farce for womenS French5 female4One-ActFemale Cast
Booth, AnthonyHayling report - a play for women in One-ActH Quekett7 female5One-ActFemale Cast
Box, Muriel and Box, SSing a song of sixpence -a play for women in One-ActS French6 female5One-ActFemale Cast
Burton, Brian JFace the queen - a play in One-ActHanbury7 female7One-ActFemale Cast
Constanduros, Mabel and Agg, HowardCuckoo time - a country comedy in One-ActS French7 female6One-ActFemale Cast
Constanduros, Mabel and Constanduros, DNest of saucepans / Taking the chairS French5 female6One-ActFemale Cast
Dale, AdrianSlight misunderstanding - a light comedyS French6 female5One-ActFemale Cast
Everard, ElizabethEight more One-Act plays for womenHarrapvarious11One-ActFemale Cast
Garstang, JeanSeven monologues for womenDeane1 female2One-ActFemale Cast
Greenslade, Mary and Harvey, AScenes for two - book 2 (duologues)S French2 female2One-ActFemale Cast
Hallifax, PeggyFive short sketchesKenyon House4 female4One-ActFemale Cast
Hallifax, PeggyTen minute sketchesKenyon Housevarious5One-ActFemale Cast
Harling, RobertSteel magnoliasS French6 female5Female Cast
Hillman, Barry LIron magnoliasS French7 female7One-ActFemale Cast
James, Stella WynAll right on the night - a comedyKenyon House6 female5One-ActFemale Cast
Johnson, PhilipWorld without men - a fantastical comedyS French7 female6One-ActFemale Cast
Kay, Maxine AOctet - 8 solo numbers for womenKenyon Deanevarious3One-ActFemale Cast
Lang, LouisaCharade 2Kenyon Deanevarious5One-ActFemale Cast
Lovegrove, ArthurClara's on the curtains - a comedy for womenS French10 female9One-ActFemale Cast
Lovegrove, ArthurNasty things, murdersS French5 female4One-ActFemale Cast
McGillivray, DavidHaunted through lounge and recessed diningS French6 female or 1 male 5 female6Female Cast
Popplewell, JackMother's day out - a comedyS French5 female5One-ActFemale Cast
Raby, DerekWe need a man - a comedyS French5 female4One-ActFemale Cast
Ready, StuartPeril at the post office - a farcical comedyDeane7 female4One-ActFemale Cast
Reid, GeorginaLadies of spirit - a comedyEvans9 female5Female Cast
Stewart, HughRoom in the towerS French4 female8One-ActFemale Cast
Turner, MargaretBeginners please - a comedy in One-ActDeane6 female4One-ActFemale Cast
Russell, WillyEducating Rita - a comedyS French1 male 1 female1
Ayckbourn, AlanIntimate Exchanges - vol 1S French1 male 1 female1
Ayckbourn, AlanIntimate Exchanges - vol 2S French1 male 1 female1
Campton, DavidOn Stage Again, Fourteen SketchesMillervarious1One-Act
Campton, DavidOn Stage, Seventeen Sketches andMillervarious1One-Act
Sands, LeslieIntent to Murder, A Thriller English Theatre Guild3 male 3 female7
Fry, ChristopherLady's not for BurningOUP8 male 3 female10
Quintet: Monolgues and Duologues for women onlyDeane3 female2Female Cast
Christie, AgathaTowards ZeroS French7 male 4 female10
Pinter, HaroldOld TimesMethuen1 male 2 female2
Ayckbourn, AlanMixed Doubles, An EntertainmentS Frenchvarious2
Shirley, RaeWhat shall we do with the body?Baker1 male 2 female2One-Act
Kirkwood, JamesPS Your Cat is Dead, A comedyS French5 male 2 female7
Russell, WillyOne for the Road, a PlayS French2 male 2 female2
Uhry, AlfredDriving Miss DaisyDramatists Play Services2 male 1 female3One-Act
Shaffer, AnthonyMurderer - a playS French2 male 2 female3
Clark, GwynAnyone for Tennis? - a farceS French2 male 2 female3One-Act
Taylor, DonExorcism, a playS French2 male 2 female5
Jacobs, JimGrease, A New '50's Rock and RollS French9 male 8 female sprs.9
Ayckbourn, AlanRelatively SpeakingS French3 male 2 female3
Benfield, DerekLook who's Talking - a comedyS French2 male 3 female5
Mortimer, JohnKnightsbridge - a playS French2 male 2 female4One-Act
Gray, SimonStage StruckS French3 male 1 female3
Laird, JennyAnd No Birds SingS French6 male 6 female3
Constanduros, MabelLittle Plays About GrandmaS Frenchvarious3One-Act
Laurence, CharlesMy Fat Friend, A ComedyS French6 male 4 female3
Green, George MaceRitual For Dolls - a playS French2 male 2 female2One-Act
Tomalin, ClaireWinter WifeS French1 male 3 female3
Tristram, DavidLast Tango in Little Grimley/Joining the clubFlying Ducks2 male 2 female3One-Act
Eliot, T SMurder in the CathedralFaber9 male sprs.4Male Cast
Marriott, James WOne-Act Plays for Today, sixth seriesHarrapvarious4One-Act
Miles, BernardLock Up Your DaughtersS French16 male 5 female4
Dinner, WilliamToo Soon for Daisies, A ComedyDeane4 male 4 female4
More Selected One-Act PlaysPitmanvarious5One-Act
Marriott, James WOne-Act Plays for Today, fourth seriesHarrapvarious4One-Act
Wheeler, C BSix Plays by Contemporaries of ShakespeareOUPvarious4
Marriott, James WOne-Act Plays for Today, second seriesHarrapvarious4One-Act
Stoppard, TomRough CrossingS French5 male 1 female4
Johnson, PamelaCorinth House, A Play in Three ActsEvans1 male 6 female4
Best One-Act Plays of 1956-57Harrapvarious4One-Act
Marriott, James WOne-Act Plays of Today, first seriesHarrapvarious4One-Act
Coke, PeterMidsummer Mink, A ComedyS French4 male 7 female10
Chilton, CharlesOh What a Lovely WarMethuenlarge cast4
Garcia Lorca, FedeThree Tragedies, Blood Wedding Seckervarious5
Priestley, J BGlass of BitterS French3 male 2 female4One-Act
Williams, TennesseeFour Plays, the Glass MenagerieSeckervarious2
Bennett, AlanOld CountryFaber3 male 3 female4
Shakespeare, WilliamMacbethPenguinlarge cast4
Shakespeare, WilliamOthelloPenguinlarge cast8
Shakespeare, WilliamHenry the Fourth, Part TwoPenguinlarge cast3
Ready, StuartI Want to be an ActorS Frenchvarious4One-Act
Orton, JoeLootMethuen5 male 1 female7
Shakespeare, WilliamTaming of the ShrewPenguinlarge cast3
Osborne, JohnLook Back in AngerEvans3 male 2 female5
Johnson, PhilipNo Weeds for the Widow, A ComedyS French2 male 4 female4One-Act
Shakespeare, WilliamTwelfth NightPenguinlarge cast10
Wilder, ThorntonOur TownLongmans14 male 7 female sprs.11
Eliot, T SCocktail PartyFaber6 male 4 femal4
Wilde, OscarLady Windermere's FanMethuen7 male 8 female5
Dole, JohnCat on the Fiddle, A Farcical ComedyS French6 male 5 female4
Halliwell, DavidLittle Malcolm and his struggleFaber4 male 1 female4
Box, MurielAnti-ClockwiseS French4 female3One-ActFemale Cast
Ayckbourn, AlanJust Between OurselvesS French2 male 3 female4
Macrae, ArthurLiving for PleasureS Frenchvarious4
Campton, DavidEverybody's FriendS French4 male 1 female4One-Act
McGillivray, DavidChase me up Farndale AvenueS French1 male 4 female5
Ayckbourn, AlanConfusions, Five Interlinked One-Act PlaysS Frenchvarious10One-Act
Home, William DouglasSecretary Bird, A ComedyS French2 male 3 female5
Waterhouse, KeithCelebration - a playM Joseph8 male 8 female6
Chappell, EricNatural Causes - a black comedyS French3 male 2 female4
McGillivray, DavidThey Came from Mars and landed on…S French1 male 4 female6
Frayn, MichaelListen to thisS Frenchvarious4One-Act
Stoppard, TomAfter Magritte - a playS French3 male 2 female4One-Act
Albee, EdwardAmerican DreamS French2 male 3 female5One-Act
Mallatratt, StephenWoman in Black - a ghost playS French2 male 1 female4
Anouilh, JeanRing Round the MoonS French8 male 6 female4
Wandor, MichelenePlays by Women - vol 2Methuenvarious5One-Act
McGillivray, DavidWe found Love and an exquisite…….S French2 male 3 female6
Stoppard, TomAlbert's BridgeS French10 male 2 female sprs.11One-Act
Barton, JohnHollow CrownS Frenchlarge cast3
McGillivray, DavidFarndale Avenue Housing Estate - Christmas CarolS French1 male 4 female sprs.6Christmas / Pantomime
Strindberg, AugustPlaying with FireS French3 male 3 female4
Ridley, ArnoldGhost Train, A Drama in ThreeS French8 male 4 female14
Sands, LeslieCheckmate - a play on murderS French3 male 2 female5
Hart, ElizabethWhere Angels fear to TreadS French3 male 6 female5
Gordon, PeterSeeds of DoubtWarner3 male 3 female6
Arkell, Reginald1066 and All ThatS Frenchvarious5
Edwards, TonyReturn - a playS French4 male 2 female5One-Act
Redgrave, MichaelAspern Papers, Play adapted from Henry James'storyHeinemann2 male 4 female11
Stoppard, TomReal Inspector HoundS French5 male 3 female7One-Act
Thompson, ErnestOn Golden PondDramatists Play Services4 male 2 female6
Doyle, Arthur ConanFour Sherlock Homes PlaysJ Murrayvarious5One-Act
Paice, EricDeadly EmbraceS French2 male 2 female5
Priestley, J BAn Inspector Calls, A PlayS French4 male 3 female5
Simon, NeilPlaza Suite, A Comedy in Three ActsS Frenchvarious10
Waterhouse, KeithWhoops-A-DaisyS French3 male 3 female5
Davies, AndrewThermal Underwear, A ComedyS French3 male 3 female4One-Act
Wallis, CedricHeiress of Rosings, A Play in three actsS French4 male 6 female5
Godber, JohnOn the PisteWarner3 male 3 female5
Taylor, Edward and Graham,JPardon Me Prime MinisterS French4 male 5 female10
Burton, Brian JCheers, Tears and ScreamersHanburyvarious5One-Act
Burton, Brian JQuestion of ProfitHanbury6 female5One-ActFemale Cast
Synge, J MPlaysAllenvarious5
Ayckbourn, AlanAbsurd Person SingularS French3 male 3 female5
Marriott, James WOne-Act Plays for Today, third seriesHarrapvarious5One-Act
Reakes, PaulMantrap - a thrillerS French3 male 2 female5One-Act
O'Casey, SeanThree Plays Macmillanvarious6
Morgan, DianaAfter my fashionS French2 male 8 female5
Ibsen, HenrikHouse of Rosmer trans. BurtonCambridge4 male 2 female5
Lillington, KennetFourth Windmill Book of One Act PlaysHeinemannvarious5One-Act
Johnson, PhilipLate Miss CordellS French1 male 5 female5One-Act
Jones, GrahamDo-Gooders - a playS French4 male 2 female5One-Act
Percy, EdwardSuspectS French4 male 4 female5
Hellman, LillianLittle FoxesEnglish Theatre Guild6 male 4 female5
Wood, MargaretKing and the QuakerS French1 male 4 female6One-Act
Mortimer, JohnWrong Side of the ParkS French3 male 3 female5
Harris, RichardTwo and Two Make Sex, A ComedyS French8 male 3 female6
Chappell, EricHaywire - a comedyS French2 male 4 female5
King, PhilipElementary My DearS French3 male 3 female6
Ibsen, HenrikDoll's House translated by MeyerHart Davis4 male 4 female 34
Wood, MargaretDouble DealersS French4 male 2 female6One-Act
Benfield, DerekFly in the Ointment - a farceS French3 male 3 female12
Pinero, ArthurDandy DickHeinemann7 male 4 female5
Thomas, DylanUnder Milk WoodDentlarge cast5
Christie, AgathaRatsS French2 male 2 female3One-Act
Coward, NoelPlays: 2Methuen various4
Anthony, C LAutumn CrocusS French4 male 8 female5
Christie, AgathaVerdictS French6 male 4 female10
Clapham, PeterGood Wives, A Play in Three ActsEvans5 male 8 female6
Cavendish, ClareChristmas Visitor, A One-ActEvans5 female5Christmas / PantomimeOne-ActFemale Cast
Rayburn, JoyceOut On A Limb, A PlayS French3 male 3 female6
Ayckbourn, AlanHow the Other Half LovesS French3 male 3 female5
Ayckbourn, AlanTime and Time AgainS French3 male 2 female5
Bagnold, EnidChalk GardenHeinemann2 male 7 female5
Kesselring, JosephArsenic and Old LaceWarner11 male 3 female5
Ibsen, HenrikGhosts, A Family TragedyS French3 male 2 female4
Best One-Act Plays of 1954-55 selected by Hugh MillerHarrapvarious5One-Act
Austin, HarryChinese Pendant and Other PlaysS French4 male 3 female5One-Act
Coward, NoelPlays: 3 Design for LivingMethuenvarious5
King, PhilipWho says Murder?S French3 male 3 female5
Coward, NoelPlays: 5Methuenvarious4
Clemens, BrianEdge of Darkness, A PlayS French3 male 3 female5
Benfield, DerekBeyond a Joke, A ComedyS French4 male 4 female10
Anouilh, JeanPoor BitosMethuen11 male 3 female5
Kilgarrif, MichaelThree Comedy Sketches, The HeirS Frenchvarious5One-Act
Booth, AnthonyNinth DayS French3 male 3 female5One-Act
Green, MichaelCoarse Acting Show 2S Frenchvarious5
Hanff, Helene84 Charing Cross RoadS French3 male 4 female5
Bate, SamEnd of the HoneymoonDeane4 male 5 female8
Hastings, MichaelTom and VivPenguin3 male 3 female5
Best One-Act Plays of 1952-53Harrapvarious4One-Act
McGillivray, DavidFarndale Avenue Housing Estate - MacbethS French1 male 8 female or 9 female9
Matthews, SeymourDead Man's Hand - a thrillerS French3 male 3 female5
Hall, RogerMiddle-Age SpreadS French3 male 3 female5
Hood, EvelynCurses, foiled again - a playS French2 male 3 female4One-Act
Baring, MauriceTen Diminutive DramasHeinemannvarious5One-Act
Berkoff, StevenKvetch, and AcapulcoFaber3 male 2 Female5One-Act
Frisby, TerenceSeaside Postcard, A comedyS French4 male 4 female5One-Act
Greenwood, DuncanMurder by the Book - a thrillerS French3 male 2 female5
Bridie, JamesTobias and the AngelS French7 male 4 female9
Harris, RichardOutside Edge, A PlayS French5 male 4 female11
Storey, DavidRestoration of Arnold MiddletonS French2 male 4 female5
Adkins, EllaSix More One-Act PlaysHarrapvarious5One-Act
Bolt, RobertFlowering CherryHeinemann3 male 4 female5
Shakespeare, WilliamHenry the Fourth, Part OnePenguinlarge cast4
Osborne, JohnPicture of Dorian Gray - a moral entertainment based on the novel by Oscar WildeFaber11 male 4 female sprs.5
Dunbar, JanetFive Festival PlaysHarrapvarious5One-Act
De Forest, MarianLittle WomenS French5 male 7 female5
Shakespeare, WilliamTempestPenguinlarge cast6
Popplewell, JackCareful Rapture - a comedyS French1 male 5 female5
Simon, NeilGingerbread LadyS French3 male 3 female5
Euripides Trojan WomenSidgewick3 male 5 female sprs.5
Shakespeare, WilliamMerry Wives of WindsorPenguinlarge cast5
King, PhilipMilk and Honey - a light comedyS French3 male 3 female5
Waterhouse, KeithChildren's DayS French3 male 4 female5Junior Cast
Chapman, JohnKey for Two, a comedyS French3 male 4 female5
Mander, CharlesCup Final - a comedyS French4 male 3 female6One-Act
Reid, GeorginaDeath and the MaidenS French2 male 5 female6
Frayn, MichaelAlphabetical OrderS French4 male 3 female5
Dennis, RichardMusic Hall MiscellanyS Frenchvarious6One-Act
MacIlwraith, BillAnniversary - a playS French3 male 3 female5
Coward, NoelPlays: 1Methuenvarious3
Mortimer, JohnnieSituation comedy S French3 male 3 female6
Adams, P HAladdinS French10 maleF 3 female6
Stoker, BramCount Dracula, A Play in Three ActsS French7 male 2 female6
Ayckbourn, AlanWoman in Mind, December BeeS French5 male 3 female14
Miller, ArthurCollected PlaysCressetvarious6
Simon, NeilCome Blow Your HornS French3 male 4 female6
Shakespeare, WilliamJulius CaesarPenguinlarge cast6
Waterhouse, KeithCelebrationS French7 male 7 female10
Barnes, PeterRuling ClassHeinemannlarge cast6
Bird, ConstanceGood Send Off, A Comedy in One-ActEnglish Theatre Guild8 female6One-ActFemale Cast
Anouilh, JeanAntigoneS French8 male 4 female5One-Act
Best Radio Plays of 1982 - Giles Cooper award winnersMethuenvarious7
Farquhar, GeorgeRecruiting OfficerHeinemann13 male 4 female6
Coward, NoelPlays: 4Methuenvarious5
Willis, TedWoman in A Dressing GownEvans3 male 4 female6
Poliakoff, StephenBreaking the SilenceS French5 male 2 female6
Miller, ArthurCrucibleHeinemann11 male10 female4
Fo, DarioAccidental Death of a AnarchistMethuen5 male 1 female6
Ayckbourn, AlanWay Upstream, a play in 2 actsS French3 male 4 female6
Beckett, SamuelWaiting for Godot, A TragicomedyS French5 male6Male Cast
Osborne, JohnInadmissible EvidenceFaber3 male 5 female6
Mortimer, JohnFear of HeavenS French5 male 2 female6One-Act
Cox, ConstanceMiss LetitiaS French2 male 5 female6
Home, William DouglasLloyd George Knew my FatherS French5 male 3 female6
Benfield, DerekFish out of Water, A ComedyS French3 male 4 female14
King, PhilipDark LucyS French3 male 4 female6
Vickery, FrankFamily Planning - a comedyS French3 male 4 female5
Strindberg, AugustPlays 1, The Father, Miss Julie,The ghost sonata translated by MeyerMethuenvarious6
Osborne, JohnThe EntertainerFaber5 male 2 female6
Stoppard, TomReal ThingS French4 male 3 female7
Austin, HarryLittle Lights of KimberleyS French4 male 1 female6One-Act
Morgan, DianaMy Cousin RachelS French5 male 2 female8
Coward, NoelNude with Violin, A Light Comedy S French8 male 6 female6
Priestley, J BDangerous Corner, DramaS French3 male 4 female6
Chetham-Strode, W AGuinea-PigLow4 male 3 female sprs.5
Shakespeare, WilliamRichard the ThirdPenguinlarge cast6
Charlton, James MMore Modern One-Act Plays, Book 1Ginnvarious6One-Act
Clay, N LAll Aboard and Other PlaysHeinemannvarious7One-Act
Chetham-Strode, W ABackgroundS French3 male 2 female 35
Manktelow, BettineDeath Walked InS French3 male 4 female6
McGillivray, DavidFarndale Avenue Housing Estate Murder MysteryS French1 male 5 female7
Stoppard, TomTravestiesS French5 male 3 female5
Bennett, AlanGetting onS French4 male 3 female6
Harris, RichardParty Piece - a comedyS French3 male 4 female8
Albee, EdwardDelicate BalancePenguin2 male 4 female5
Shaw, George BernardPlays Unpleasant, Widowers' HousePenguinvarious6
Mcloughlin, PatrickCinderladdin, A PantomimeS French7 Characters6Christmas / Pantomime
Simon, NeilGod's Favorite, A New ComedyS French5 male 2 female6
Benfield, DerekMurder for the AskingS French4 male 3 female6
Braun, WilburFoiled again - two musical melodramasS French4 male 3 female6
Clemens, BrianWill you Still Love me in the Morning?S French4 male 3 female6
Anouilh, JeanRehearsalS French5 male 3 female6
Chase, OliveParty To Murder, A ThrillerS French3 male 3 female6
Frisch, MaxFire RaisersMethuen7 male 3 female sprs.6
Adkins, EllaAt Rise of Curtain: Five One-act PlaysHarrapvarious6One-Act
Popplewell, JackDear DelinquentEvans5 male 3 female6
Harding, MikeNot with a Bang - a playS French3 male 4 female5
McIntyre, JohnFunny Kind of Day - a farceEvans3 male 4 female5
Home, William DouglasIn the RedS French4 male 3 female6
Whitmore, KenTurn of the Screw adapted from the story by Henry JamesS French3 male 4 female6
Brockhill, GeorgeNudes in Waning Light - a comedyS French2 male 5 female7One-Act
Home, William DouglasChiltern Hundreds, ComedyU/K4 male 4 female7
Travers, BenBed Before YesterdayS French4 male 4 female6
Coward, NoelPresent Laughter, A Light ComedyS French5 male 6 female18
Best One-Act Plays of 1946-47Harrapvarious8One-Act
Ibsen, HenrikAn Enemy of the PeopleHeinemann9 male 2 female11
Bennett, AlanForty Years OnFaberlarge cast7
Christie, AgathaMousetrap, A Play in Two ActS French5 male 3 female7
Marriott, AnthonyDarling Mr LondonS French3 male 6 female9
Hampton, ChristopherPhilanthropistS French4 male 3 female7
Fry, ChristopherVenus ObservedOUP9male 4 female9
Ayckbourn, AlanJoking ApartS French4 male 4 female15
AeschylusOresteian Trilogy trans. VellacottPenguinvarious7
Home, William DouglasEditor RegretsEvans6 male 2 female7
Cooney, RayNot Now, Darling, A ComedyEnglish Theatre Guild5 male 6 female8
Cox, ConstanceMaria MartenS French5 male 9 female7One-Act
Barrie, J MShall We Join the LadiesHodder8 male 8 female8One-Act
Fraser, JessicaBodenham RompS French3 male 8 female7One-Act
Cox, ConstanceLord Arthur Savile's CrimeS French5 male 5 female9
Cooney, RayMy Giddy Aunt, A Comedy ThrillerEnglish Theatre Guild5 male 3 female7
Gray, SimonButleyMethuen4 male 3 female7
Durbridge, FrancisHouse Guest, A ThrillerS French4 male 4 female7
Robbins, NormanLate Mrs Early, A ComedyS French4 male 4 female7
Charlton, James MMore Modern One-Act Plays, Book 2Ginnvarious7One-Act
Fo, DarioCan't Pay ? Won't PayMethuen6 male 2 female7
Rosenthal, JackThree Award Winning Television PPenguinvarious7
Ibsen, HenrikLady From the SeaHart Davis5 male 3 female7
King, PhilipMurder in CompanyS French4 male 4 female7
Friel, BrianDancing at LughnasaS French3 male 5 female7
Shaw, George BernardPlays Pleasant, Arms and the ManPenguinvarious7
Storm, LesleyDay's MischiefS French2 male 8 female7
Campton, DavidCagebirds, A PlayS French8 female7One-ActFemale Cast
Bent, SimonBad CompanyS French6 male 2 female6
Whitemore, HughPack of LiesAmber Lane3 male 5 female5
Godber, JohnOffice PartyWarner4 male 3 female6
Brett, SimonMurder in play - a playS French3 male 5 female16
Sutton, ShaunChristmas CarolS Frenchlarge cast12Christmas / Pantomime
Owen, BillMatchgirls - a musicalS French7 male14 female7
Wodehouse, P GFour Plays, The Play's the ThingMethuenvarious7
Green, MichaelThird Great Coarse Acting ShowS French9 male 5 female sprs.6
Frayn, MichaelPlays: One, Alphabetical OrderMethuenvarious7
Horne, KennethFools Rush In - a comedyS French3 male 5 female6
Ludwig, KenLend me a Tenor - a comedyS French4 male 4 female7
Sharkey, JackHonestly now - a crime comedyS French4 male 4 female7
Coke, PeterAutumn Manoeuvres, a comedyS French2 male 8 female8
Evans, E EynonNew LeafS French4 male 4 female7One-Act
Friel, BrianCommunication CordFaber4 male 4 female7
Deegan, DeniseDaisy Pulls it OffS French2 male14 female9
Wood, MargaretPerson of No ConsequenceS French8 female8One-ActFemale Cast
Williams, TennesseeCat on a Hot Tin RoofPenguinvarious7
Plater, AlanAnd a Little Love BesidesS French4 male 4 female7
Colton, JohnRain, a play in three actsS French7 male 4 female7
Ayckbourn, AlanChorus of DisapprovalS French7 male 6 female12
Mander, CharlesWorld premier - a comedyS French3 male 4 female7One-Act
Pertwee, RolandParagonEnglish Theatre Guild 5 male 4 female7
Frayn, MichaelAlarms and Excursions - more playsMethuen2 male 2 female7
Taylor, EdwardRise in the MarketS French4 male 3 female7
Benfield, DerekTwo and Two Together - a comedyS French4 male 3 female7
Benfield, DerekRunning Riot, A Farcical ComedyEvans5 male 4 female8
Brooke, HaroldLet Sleeping Wives lie, A FarceEvans7 male 3 female8
Mills, HughHouse by the Lake - a thrillerS French4 male 5 female8
Cooney, RayChase Me, Comrade, A FarceEnglish Theatre Guild7 male 3 female8
Kay, MalcolmJeremiah's Christmas, A ComedyS French5 male 4 female8Christmas / Pantomime
Rattigan, TerenceBrowning VersionS French5 male 2 female12One-Act
Russell, WillyBreezeblock Park - a playS French5 male 4 female8
Chapman, JohnShut Your Eyes and Think of England S French6 male 3 female8
Taylor, DonRoses of EyamS Frenchlarge cast8
Baron, AlecDress Rehearsal - a playS French2 male 7 female8One-Act
Frayn, MichaelBalmoralMethuen5 male 2 female7
Elward, JamesBest of Friends, A Comedy in Two ActsEnglish Theatre Guild4 male 5 female8
Robbins, NormanWedding of the Year, A ComedyS French4 male 6 female9
Lane, CarlaLiver Birds, A comedyEnglish Theatre Guild5 male 4 female8
Reid, GeorginaClerical errors - a comedyS French3 male 5 female8
Williams, EmlynLate Christopher Bean, ComedyU/K5 male 4 female8
Downing, MartinDemon - a thrillerS French3 male 4 female8One-Act
Delmar, AntonDon't Utter a NoteEvans5 male 2 female8
Benfield, DerekCaught on the Hop, a comedyS French4 male 4 female8
King, PhilipSailor Beware, ComedyS French4 male 5 female10
Manktelow, BettineCurtain up on Murder - a thrillerS French3 male 5 female8
Sherriff, R CLong SunsetS French8 male 2 female8
Snelgrove, MichaelHidden Meanings - a comedyS French4 male 5 female8One-Act
Fletcher, LucilleNight Watch - a play of suspenseDramatists Play Services5 male 4 female8
Whitemore, HughBreaking the Code - a playS French7 male 2 female8
Marriott, AnthonyUproar in the House - a farceS French7 male 6 female8
Brecht, BertoltMother Courage and her Children trans. WillettMethuenlarge cast7Junior Cast
Greenwood, DuncanNo Time for Fig Leaves, A ComdeyS French2 male 7 female8
Pertwee, MichaelHoliday Snap - a comedyS French4 male 4 female8
Cooney, RayFunny Money - a comedyS French6 male 2 female8
Shaw, George BernardMajor BarbaraLongmans10 male 6 female7
Benfield, DerekBird in the Hand, A ComedyS French4 male 6 female9
SophoclesTheban Plays, King Oedipus, OPenguinvarious7
Bagnold, EnidChalk GardenS French2 male 7 female9
Dewhurst, KeithLark Rise to CandlefordThomaslarge cast10
Dinner, WilliamMr Fothergill Joins the AngelsS French5 male 4 female8One-Act
Storm, LesleyBlack Chiffon, A Play in Three ActsEnglish Theatre Guild3 male 4 female7
Turner, DavidSemi-Detached, A Play in Three actsEvans5 male 4 female8
Hastings, CharlotteRestless EvilS French3 male 7 female8
Du Maurier, DaphneYears BetweenS French6 male 4 female8
Cooney, RayOut of Order, a new comedyS French6 male 4 female6
Galton, RayWhen Did You Last See Your TrousersS French6 male 3 female8
Waterhouse, KeithBilly LiarS French3 male 5 female8
Sands, LeslieBeside the SeasideEnglish Theatre Guild3 male 6 female8
Allen, WoodyDon't Drink the Water, a comedyS French12 male 4 female9
Dole, JohnShock Tactics - a farceS French6 male 5 female9
Greenwood, DuncanCat Among the Pigeons, A ComedyS French4 male 5 female9
Feydeau, GeorgesThree Boulevard FarcesPenguinvarious9
Bulgakov, MikhailWhite GuardMethuen9 male 1 female sprs.9
Dunne, JohnTess - a play in two actsHanbury7 male 4 female12
Goldoni, CarloServant of Two Masters - adapted playfair - trans. SilverS French10 male 2 female sprs.10
Wilde, OscarImportance of Being EarnestS French5 male 4 female9
Dole, JohnOnce in A Blue Moon, A ComedyEvans4 male 6 female10
Shakespeare, WilliamMuch Ado about NothingS French6 male 4 female sprs.8
Brett, MichaelKey Witness, A Play in Three ActsEvans6 male 5 female9
Wood, MargaretFishy BusinessS French6 male 4 female9One-Act
Fo, DarioPlays: 1Methuenvarious9
Shakespeare, WilliamAntony and CleopatraNew Americanlarge cast6
Boucicault, DionLondon AssuranceA & C Black11 male 3 female sprs.9
Coward, NoelPrivate Lives, ComedyS French2 male 3 female5
Christie, AgathaAnd then there were NoneS French8 male 3 female10
Shaffer, AnthonyWhodunnit - a comedy thrillerS French7 male 3 female9
Abbot, RickPlay On - a comedyS French3 male 7 female9
Archer, JeffreyBeyond Reasonable DoubtS French11 male 3 female13
Spewack, SamuelMy Three AngelsS French7 male 3 female9
Benfield, DerekFlying Feathers - a farceS French3 male 6 female9
Plater, AlanFosdyke SagaS Frenchvarious9
Benfield, DerekOff the Hook, A FarceS French5 male 5 female9
Cary, Falkland LMurder out of Tune, DramaS French3 male 6 female8
Townsend, SueSecret Diary of Adrian MoleMethuen10 male 8 female9
Buchner, GeorgeDanton's DeathMethuenlarge cast9
Durbridge, FrancisSweet Revenge - a playS French6 male 3 female9
Dyer, CharlesTime, Murderer, Please, A ComedyEnglish Theatre Guild5 male 5 female10
De Filippo, EduardFilumenaS French6 male9Male Cast
Wilde, OscarWoman of no ImportanceA & C Black8 male 7 female14
Dyer, RaymondWanted - One Body, A FarceEnglish Theatre Guild5 male 4 female7
Chekhov, AntonSeagull - a comedy in four actsMethuen6 male 3 female9
Shakespeare, WilliamRomeo and JulietHeinemann22 male 4 female6
Home, William DouglasReluctant Debutante, A PlayS French3 male 5 female8
Milne, A AToad of Toad Hall, A Play FromS French19 male 8 female8
Lee, LauriePlay of Cider with RosieHeinemann5 male 4 female9
Ayckbourn, AlanTaking Steps, A FarceS French4 male 2 female9
Kelly, TimHound of the BaskervillesS French5 male 5 female9
Mortimer, JohnVoyage Round my FatherS Frenchvarious9
Robbins, NormanTomb with a ViewS French4 male 6 female9
Vickery, FrankTrivial Pursuits - a comedyS French4 male 6 female8
Greenwood, DuncanSurprise PackageS French4 male 7 female9
Dahl, RoaldBFG (Big Friendly Giant)S French4 male 4 female sprs.8
Harris, RichardStepping Out - a comedyS French1 male 9 female9
Bronte, EmilyWuthering HeightsS French6 male 4 female9
Bond, C GSweeney Todd, The Demon BarberS French3 male 1 female9
Ayckbourn, AlanTen Times TableS French3 male 4 female7
Williams, HughGrass in Greener, A Comedy inEvans3 male 2 female9
Wilde, OscarAn Ideal HusbandA & C Black9 male 6 female6
Minghella, AnthonyTwo Planks and a PassionS French12 male 4 female sprs.9
Christie, AgathaAfternoon at the Seaside, A PlayS French7 male 5 female9One-Act
Cary, Falkland LBut Once a Year, ComedyS French4 male 6 female9
Marriott, AnthonyNo Sex Please, we're BritishS French6 male 4 female9
Rattigan, TerenceFrench Without Tears, A ComedyS French7 male 3 female10
Dighton, JohnMan Alive, An Unlikely StoryS French7 male 7 female6
Wesker, ArnoldRoots, A PlayS French5 male 4 female9
Stoppard, TomJumpersFaber4 male 2 female sprs.9
Home, William DouglasDame of SarkS French7 male 2 female9
Campton, DavidLife and Death of Almost EveryoneS French12 male 5 female9
Moliere, JeanTartuffe, or, Imposter translated by HamptonFaber8 male 5 female8
Chekhov, AntonFive Plays, Ivanov; SeagullOUPvarious8
Horsler, PeterOn the Verge - a farcical comedyS French4 male 6 female9
Brighouse, HaroldHobson's Choice, ComedyS French7 male 5 female11
Turgenev, IvanMonth in the Country adapted by E.WilliamsHeinemann8 male 5 female10
Synge, J MPlayboy of the Western WorldMethuen6 male 5 female9
Nicholson, WilliamShadowlands - a playS French11 male 2 female9
Cook, C RBeastie and BeautS French12 Characters9One-Act
Addyman, ElizabethSecret TentEnglish Theatre Guild3 male 4 female7
Williams, EmlynNight Must FallHeinemann4 male 5 female11
Brett, MichaelFull Treatment, ComedyS French5 male 2 female10
Barrie, J MDear Brutus, ComedyS French5 male 6 female4
Robbins, NormanTiptoe through the TombstonesS French4 male 6 female10
Chinn, JimmieAfter SeptemberS French1 male10 female10
Travers, BenRookery Nook, A Farce in Three ActsS French5 male 6 female10
Cooney, MichaelCash on Delivery - a comedyS French6 male 4 female10
Millar, RonaldBride and the BatchelorS French3 male 5 female8
Coward, NoelSong at TwilightS French2 male 2 female5
Batson, GeorgeHouse on the CliffS French2 male 4 female4
Coward, NoelI'll Leave it to you - a light comedyS French4 male 6 female11
Cary, Falkland LCandied Peel, Comedy-DramaS French5 male 7 female11
Stoppard, TomDogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's MacbethS Frenchvarious10
Shaw, George BernardPygmalion, A Romance in Five ActsPenguin6 male 6 female11
Rattigan, TerenceFlare PathS French7 male 4 female12
Christie, AgathaUnexpected GuestS French7 male 3 female9
Green, JanetMurder MistakenS French2 male 4 female6
Phillpotts, EdenYellow Sands, A ComedyS French5 male 6 female10
Priestley, J BTime and the ConwaysS French4 male 6 female10
Greening, JoanContinental Quilt - a farceS French4 male 6 female10
Sherriff, R CJourney's EndS French11 male9Male Cast
Shaffer, PeterAmadeus, A PlayPenguin10 male 1 female15
Shaw, George BernardApple Cart, A Political extravaganzaLongmans Green10 male 5 female11
Osborne, JohnTime Present, and, the Hotel in AmsterdamFabervarious8
Cooper, GilesEverything in the GardenS French6 male 5 female10
Cooney, RayBang, Bang, BeirutEnglish Theatre Guild8 male 8 female sprs.10
Bennett, AlanHabeas Corpus, A PlayS French6 male 5 female10
Pinero, ArthurSecond Mrs TanquerayS French7 male 4 female10
Thomas, BrandonCharley's AuntS French6 male 4 female10
Ferris, MonkBone-Chiller - a comedic MysteryS French5 male 8 female14
Hare, DavidRacing DemonS French8 male 3 female11
Sloan, MichaelUnderground, A ThrillerEnglish Theatre Guild9 male 3 female11
Fletcher, LucilleSorry, wrong number and the Hitch-hikerDramatists Play Servicesvarious11One-Act
Russell, WillyBlood Brothers - a musicalS French6 male 5 female10
Ustinov, PeterLove Of Four ColonelsEnglish Theatre Guild6 male 6 female11
Doyle, RoddyBrownbread/WarMinervalarge cast11
Coward, NoelRelative ValuesS French5 male 5 female9
Shaw, George BernardSaint JoanLongmans18 male 2 female11
Du Maurier, DaphneRebeccaS French8 male 3 female sprs.10
Du Maurier, DaphneSeptember Tide, A Play in Three ActsS French3 male 3 female9
Shakespeare, WilliamHamletPenguinlarge cast8
Coward, NoelThis Happy BreedS French5 male 7 female12
Christie, AgathaMurder is AnnouncedS French5 male 7 female11
Macnamara, MargaretI Have Five DaughtersS French5 male 9 female11
Stoppard, TomArcadiaS French8 male 4 female12
Carter, MargaretDick Whittington - a pantomimeS French19 Characters11Christmas / Pantomime
Pratchett, TerryMaskerade - adaptedS French16 male 9 female11
Allen, Jay PressonPrime of Miss Jean BrodieS French4 male 8 female sprs.22
Russell, RoyEleventh CommandmentS French3 male 11 female11
Bowen, JohnLittle Boxes, Two PlaysS Frenchvarious9One-Act
Christie, AgathaMurder on the Nile S French8 male 5 female11
Priestley, J BLinden TreeS French4 male 3 female7
Hay, IanMiddle WatchS French9 male 6 female10
Pirandello, LuigiSix Characters in Search of aHeinemann11 male 6 female sprs.11
Downing, MartinHouse of Dracula - a comedyS French7 male 5 female11
Mankowitz, WolfPickwick - a musicalS Frenchlarge cast11
Thain, PaulStone Soup - a modern fableS French12 male 8 female sprs.11One-ActJunior Cast
Goodrich, RDiary of Anne Frank, DramaS French5 male 5 female9
De Filippo, EduardInner Voices - English versionsAmber Lane8 male 5 female sprs.10
Ayckbourn, AlanSisterly FeelingsS French8 male 4 female11
Chekhov, AntonPlays, Ivanov; The Seagull, Uncle VanyaPenguinvarious10
Doust, PaulCold Comfort Farm - a play adaptedS French9male 6 female21
King, PhilipOn Monday Next, A Comedy in ThreeS French9 male 5 female11
McCracken, EstherQuiet Wedding, A Comedy in ThreeS French5 male10 female11
Tydeman, RichardForty Winks Beauty- a potted pantomimeS French5 male 7 female11Christmas / Pantomime
Reid, GeorginaWolfsbane - a playS French2 male 4 female12
Ayckbourn, AlanSmall Family BusinessS French11 male 6 female11
Anouilh, JeanDinner with the Family - translated MarshS French6 male 6 female16
Jerome, Jerome KPassing of the Third FloorS French6 male 6 female11
Bate, SamHead of the House S French7 female5One-ActFemale Cast
Horne, KennethLove in a Mist, ComedyS French3 male 3 female6
Barrie, J MPeter Pan, A fantasy in five actsS Frenchlarge cast11Christmas / PantomimeJunior Cast
Lloyd, RobertChristmas Cavalier - a pantomimeS French8 male 5 female sprs.10Christmas / Pantomime
Kelly, TimIt was a Dark and Stormy NightS French6 male 8 female11
Anouilh, JeanDear AntoineMethuen8 male 7 female12
Capek, KarelR U R [Rossum's Universal Robots] and The Insect Play - adapted Turner and LapworthOUP9male 4 female12
Priestley, J BLaburnum Grove, ComedyS French6 male 3 female9
Ayckbourn, AlanSuburban Strains, A Musical PlayS French4 male 3 female12
Pember, RonJack the Ripper - a musical playS French8 male 8 female12
Cary, Falkland LPaper ChainS French3 male 6 female12
Christie, AgathaHollowS French6 male 6 female10
Christie, AgathaWitness for the ProsecutionS French9 male 4 female sprs.12
Green, MichaelFour Plays for Coarse ActorsS Frenchvarious11
Christie, AgathaSpider's Web, A Play in Three ActsS French8 male 2 female10
Horne, KennethTrial and ErrorS French4 male 3 female7
Goetz, RuthHeiressS French3 male 6 female9
Maugham, William SCircle, a Comedy in Three ActsS French6 male 3 female9
Coward, NoelBlithe SpiritS French2 male 5 female7
Frayn, MichaelNoises Off, A Play in Three ActsMethuen6 male 4 female10
Christie, AgathaMurder at the VicarageS French7 male 6 female13
Shakespeare, WilliamMidsummer Night's DreamHeinemann13 male 8 female9
Stoppard, TomRosencrantz and Guildenstern are deadFaber9 male 2 female10
Ustinov, PeterHalfway up the Tree, A Comedy inEnglish Theatre Guild5 male 4 female10
Williams, EmlynMurder Has Been Arranged, A GhostS French4 male 5 female10
Maugham, William SNoble Spaniard - a comedyS French4 male 5 female9
King, PhilipBig…Bad….MouseS French3 male 4 female7
Horne, KennethAnd this was OddEnglish Theatre Guild3 male 6 female9
Williams, HughLet's All Go Down the StrandEvans2 male 6 female7
Williams, EmlynCorn is Green, A Comedy in TwoHeinemann10 male 5 female sprs.14
Horne, KennethJane Steps OutS French3 male 5 female5
Coke, PeterBreath of SpringS French3 male 5 female8
Benfield, DerekOut of Thin Air, A Comedy in ThreeDeane4 male 4 female15
Shaffer, PeterBlack Comedy, A ComedyS French5 male 3 female8One-Act
Hamilton, PatrickGas LightConstable1 male 4 female6
Durbridge, FrancisSuddenly at Home, A PlayS French4 male 4 female9
Smith, DodieDear OctopusS French5 male 12 female9
Coward, NoelRed Peppers, An Interlude with S French4 male 2 female6One-Act
Christie, AgathaPatientS French5 male 4 female8One-Act
Maugham, William SBreadwinnerS French4 male 4 female7
Barrie, J MAdmirable CrichtonS French7 male 6 female16
Taylor, A RHiss the Villain, or Foiled and counterfoiledS French5 male 2 female8One-Act
Ayckbourn, AlanBedroom Farce, A ComedyS French4 male 4 female6
Campton, DavidDo-it-Yourself FrankensteinS French9 Characters16One-Act
Sands, LeslieSomething to HideEnglish Theatre Guild3 male 4 female13
Goldsmith, OliverShe Stoops to Conquer, ComedyS French10 male 6 female sprs.13
Lovegrove, ArthurGoodnight Mrs PuffinS French5 male 5 female10
King, PhilipSee How They RunS French6 male 3 female17
Jerome, HelenPride and PrejudiceS French7 male11 female17
Dighton, JohnHappiest Days of Your LifeS French7 male 6 female13
Rattigan, TerenceSeparate TablesS French3 male 8 female20
Norfolk, WilliamLights are Warm and ColouredS French2 male 6 female9
Cary, Falkland lHusbands SuppliedS French1 male 7 female11One-Act
Coke, PeterWhat are Little Girls Made ofS French4 male 6 female9
Priestley, J BWhen we are MarriedS French8 male 7 female15
Rattigan, TerenceWinslow Boy, A Play in Two ActsS French6 male 4 female 1 boy11
McCracken, EstherQuiet Weekend, ComedyS French5 male 7 female13
Priestley, J BMystery at GreenfingersS French4 male 6 female7
Maugham, William SHome and BeautyS French5 male 5 female7
Campton, DavidLadies' Night, Four Plays for WomenGarnet Millervarious7One-Act
Sayers, Dorothy LZeal of Thy HouseMethuenlarge cast25
Rook, RobinPlay ten - 10 short playsE Arnoldvarious9One-Act
Ayckbourn, AlanSeason's greetingsS French5 male 4 female9
Potter, DennisBlue remembered hillsS French5 male 2 female4One-Act
Parker, Louis NMonkey's paw (adapted from the short story by WW Jacobs)S French4 male 1 female4One-Act
Naughton, BillSpring and port wineS French4 male 4 female6
Camoletti, MarcDon't dress for dinner -adapted R HawdonS French3 male 3 female13
Chappell, EricHeatstrokeS French4 male 2 female 1voice6
Chappell, EricTheftS French3 male 2 female4
Vickery, FrankOne o'clock from the houseS French5 male 8 female 1b11
Harris, RichardLocal affairsS French4 male 5 female8
Benfield, DerekSecond time aroundS French1 male 1 female1
Warburton, NickDon't blame it on the bootsS French1 male 3 female3
Warburton, NickEasy stagesS French3 male 4 female7
Stoppard, TomIndian inkS French11 male 4 female11
Green, MichaelCoarse acting strikes back -4 more coarse playsS Frenchvarious7One-Act
Tristram, DavidGhost writer - a comedy thrillerS French3 male 3 female5
Lloyd, Jeremy & Croft, David'Allo 'allo - a comedyS French8 male 5 female11
Godber, JohnGym and tonicS French5 male 5 female 0r 3m 3 female5
Bolt, RobertMan for all seasonsS French11 male 3 female10
Townsend, SuePlays 1 -Womberang/Bazaar & rummage etcMethuenvarious5
Parsley, RogerSense and sensibilityS French3 male 4 female8
Robbins, NormanThe white catS French15 principals11Christmas / Pantomime
Manktelow, BettineCurtain call - a comedyS French3 male 5 female15
Frisby, TerenceThere's a girl in my soupS French5 male 2 female6
Ayckbourn, AlanNorman conquests - three plays: Table manners; Living together; Round and round the gardenS French3 male 3 female6
Snelgrove, MichaelBums on seats - a comedyS French3 male 6 female sprs9
Foxton, DavidCard play, or, the truth about the knave of heartsS French16 Characters11Junior Cast
Carmichael, FredOut of sight, out of murderS French5 male 4 female12
Wilde, OscarLady Windermere's fan edited by Ian SmallA & C Black7 male 9 female16
James, PaulThe demon headmasterS Frenchvarious10
Chekhov, AntonCherry orchard - comedy translated by FraynMethuen9male 5 female10
Wood, DavidTom's midnight gardenS French5 male 3 female 1 girl9
McConnell, JeanDeckchairs 1- 5 short playsS French2 female1One-ActFemale Cast
McConnell, JeanDeckchairs 2 - 4 short playsS French2 female1One-ActFemale Cast
Christie, AgathaMousetrap & selected plays : hollow; appointment with death etc.Harper Collinsvarious11
Tydeman, RichardAlbert LaddinS French4 male 6 female10Christmas / PantomimeOne-Act
Tydeman, RichardPuss in slippersS French4 male 6 female9Christmas / PantomimeOne-Act
Hall, WillisMansfield Park - from the novel by Jane AustenS French10 male 9 female12
Reid, GeorginaFalling off a LogS French2 male 3 female4
Holliday, GrahamScottish PlayS French6 male 7 female12
Tristram, DavidLast Panto in Little Grimley/Brenton versus BrentonS French2 male 2 female; 3m 3 female4
Chappell, EricUp and ComingS French5 male 2 female4
Ayckbourn, AlanHouse & GardenS French6 male 8 female10
Feydeau, GeorgesPlays 1 (transl. Kenneth McLeish)S Frenchvarious9
Matthews, SeymourWho dies wins - comedy thrillerS French5 male 3 female7
Chinn, JimmieBut yesterdayS French2 male 3 female6One-Act
Aron, GeraldineThe Donahue sistersS French3 female10Female Cast
Ayckbourn, AlanIt could be any one of usS French3 male 3 female7
Ayckbourn, AlanMr WhatnotS French2 male 3 female sprs11
Ayckbourn, AlanTime of my lifeS French4 male 3 female6
Bailey, MicheleGoing all the wayS French3 male 2 female7One-Act
Benfield, DerekBedside mannersS French3 male 2 female5
Benfield, DerekDon't lose the place!S French3 male 2 female6
Benfield, DerekTouch and goS French2 male 3 female5
Benfield, DerekUp and running!S French3 male 3 female6
Booth, AnthonyLadies, this is war!S French6 female5Female Cast
Booth, AnthonyThe trialS French5 female4One-ActFemale Cast
Black, MurielCrisis and confidenceS French10 female10One-ActFemale Cast
Bowen, JohnThe disorderly womenMethuen6 male 7 female6
Bower, MargaretThe animal connectionS French6 female6One-ActFemale Cast
Box, MurielA marriage has been disarrangedS French8 female11
Campton, DavidThe Winter of 1917S Frenchvarious5One-Act
Campton, DavidMrs MeadowsweetS French6 female7One-ActFemale Cast
Chinn, JimmiePity about KittyS French1 male 3 female10One-Act
Christie, AgathaBlack coffeeS French10 male 3 female15
Brett, SimonSilhouetteS French5 male 3 female or 4m 2 female8
Cole, GilesSecretsS French2 male 2 female4One-Act
Cooney, RayIt runs in the familyS French7 male 5 female10
Crisp, N JDangerous obsessionS French2 male 1 female3
Crisp, N JSuspicionsS French2 male 2 female4
Durbridge, FrancisGentle hookS French6 male 2 female9
Durbridge, FrancisSmall hoursS French5 male 3 female9
Durbridge, FrancisA touch of dangerS French5 male 4 female10
Everett, RichardClose to the windS French3 male 3 female6
Fagan, J BAnd so to bedS French7 male 8 female16
Godber, JohnHappy familiesS French3 male 6 female11
Hardy, ThomasTess SEE Dunne, John
Harris, RichardVisiting hourS French2 male 4 female9
Harris, RichardWho goes bare? By Richard Harris & Leslie DarbonS French6 male 4 female10
Hastings, CharlotteWayward spiritS French6 male 6 female12
Hawdon, RobinDon't rock the boatWarner Chappell2 male 4 female7
Hayward, Jean MBridal pathHanbury Plays5 female6One-ActFemale Cast
Hoddinott, DerekForsyte saga (dramatized from the novels of John Galsworthy)S French6 male 5 female or 5m 5 female + extras14
Hoddinott, DerekForsyte saga SEE Hoddinott, Pat
Lambe, MichaelGypsy's revenge (a comedy melodrama)S French3 male 6 female11
Lanyon, AngelaA hint of dangerHanbury Plays3 male 5 female7
Lowe, StephenRagged trousered philanthropist (based on the book by Robert Tressell)Methuen6 male 1 female16
Grant, BobDarling Mr London SEE Marriott, Anthony
Marriott, AnthonyHome is where your clothes are by Anthony Marriott & Bob GrantS French4 male 4 female8
Grant, BobHome is where your clothes are SEE Marriott, Anthony
Maugham, William SFor services renderedHeinemann6 male 6 female13
Nield, MaureenDo me a favourEvans3 male 2 female6One-Act
Niggli, JosephinaMiracle at BlaiseS French6 female6Christmas / PantomimeOne-ActFemale Cast
Oliver, ReggieMusic lovers (adapted from "Amour et Piano" by Georges FeydeauS French1 male 4 female6One-Act
Overmyer, EricOn the verge, or, geography of yearningS French1 male 3 female5
Bowen, JohnPlay Nine - 9 short plays edited by Robin RookEdward Arnoldvarious11
Stocks, BryanAfter you've goneNew Playrights2 male 5 female7
Stoppard, TomEnter a free manS French5 male 3 female8
Taylor, C PAnd a nightingale sangS French4 male 3 female7
Taylor, EdwardMurder by misadventureS French3 male 1 female4
Durband, AlanTerraces (New edition of "Second Playbill One"HutchinsonVarious8
Tydeman, RichardAh, cruel fate!S French5 male (extras) 4 female7One-Act
Tydeman, RichardAli's BarbaraS French6 male 7 female13Christmas / PantomimeOne-Act
Tydeman, RichardAsk a silly questionS French12 female + extras10One-ActFemale Cast
Tydeman, RichardCock Robin HoodS FrenchVarious14Christmas / PantomimeOne-Act
Tydeman, RichardSpace-womanS French4 female malein.9One-ActFemale Cast
Tydeman, RichardSpeeches and creamS French10 female + extras11One-ActFemale Cast
Tydeman, RichardUnhand me, SquireS French4 male 4 female + female extras12One-Act
Tydeman, RichardWay out west!Evans6 male 4 female + extras11One-Act
Tydeman, RichardWho's bean stalking?S FrenchVarious11Christmas / Pantomime
Vickery, FrankSpanish liesS French3 male 4 female8
Walker, DavidKith and kinEdward ArnoldVarious8
Waterhouse, JohnOff the railsNew Playrights5 male 4 female7
Leslie, F AndrewThe haunting of Hill House adapted for the stage by F. Andrew Leslie from the novel by Shirley JacksonDramatists Play Service Inc.3 male 4 female7
Bennett, AlanHistory boysFaber11 male 1 female11
Chinn, JimmieTake away the ladyS French3 male 4 female6
Clapham, PeterLittle women (adapted from the novel by Louisa M. AlcottS French4 male 7 female10
Robbins, NormanSlaughterhouseS French4 male 6 female9
Waterhouse, KeithJeffrey Bernard is unwellS French1 male; 2 male 2 female (22 parts)4
Peach, L du GardeThe white sheep of the family: a felonious comedy by L. du Garde Peach and Ian HayS French5 male 4 female10
Hay, IanThe white sheep of the family SEE Peach, L du Garde
Chappell, EricSummer EndS French1 male 5 female5
Leigh, MikeAbigail's partyS French2 male 3 female4
Campton, DavidUs and themS Frenchany number of characters5One-Act
Morgan, JohnKidsS French2 male 2 female + 1 either sex4One-Act
Rensten, MaryThe skipS French5 female4One-ActFemale Cast
Campton, DavidSinging in the wildernessS French7 female7One-ActFemale Cast
Weldon, FayThe reading groupS French2 male 5 female6One-Act
Pinter, HaroldA kind of AlaskaS French1 male 2 female2One-Act
Tydeman, RichardSpring song singersS French10 chrs.10One-Act
Fry, ChristopherFirstbornOUP9male 3 female11
Granville-Barker, HarleyThe Voysey InheritanceHeinemann10 male 7 female17
Arden, JohnSerjeant Musgrave's DanceMethuen13 male 2 female15
Benfield, DerekOver my dead body - a comedyS French2 male 4 female6
Ibsen, HenrikA doll's house - new version by Samuel AdamsonS French3 male 3 female5
Manktelow, BettineThe white cliffsS French2 male 5 female7
Camoletti, MarcBoeing-BoeingS French2 male 4 female5
Alcott, L MGood wives adapted by Peter Clapham SEE Clapham, PeterEvans5 male 8 female6
Cooney, RayNot now darling 2nd ed 1986English Theatre Guild5 male 6 female11
Shakespeare, WilliamMerchant of VenicePenguin16 male 3 female sprs5
Shakespeare, WilliamAs you like it: a comedyS French6 male 4 female extras9
Benfield, DerekWild goose chase: a farceEvans5 male 5 female10
Chinn, JimmieIn room five hundred and fourS French2 male 2 female4One-Act
Chinn, JimmieToo long an AutumnS French3 male 4 female7One-Act
Benfield, DerekFirst things firstS French3 male 3 female6
Whittington, AmandaLadies' DayNick Hern1 male 4 female4
Pinter, HaroldHomecomingS French5 male 1 female5
Shaw, George BernardMajor BarbaraPenguin10 male 6 female7
Miller, ArthurDeath of a salesmanHeinemann8 male 4 female11
Pinter, HaroldCaretakerMethuen3 male3Male Cast
Ayckbourn, AlanDrowning on dry landS French4 male 3 female 2 girls8
Bennett, AlanSay something happenedS French1 male 2 female2One-Act
Chapman, JohnDry rotS French6 male 4 female9
Chinn, JimmieSylvia's WeddingS French3 male 4 female6
Coles, EnidOnce and for allS French6 female7One-ActFemale Cast
Cooney, RayRun for your wifeS French6 male 2 female6
Coward, NoelFumed OakS French1 male 3 female44One-Act
Coward, NoelHay FeverS French4 male 5 female9
Dinner, WilliamLate Edwina BlackS French2 male 2 female4
Evans, WillTons of moneyS French6 male 4 female9
Francis, MatthewNorthanger Abbey adapted by Matthew FrancisS French5 male 4 female9
Austen, JaneNorthanger Abbey SEE Francis, Matthew
Friel, BrianMaking historyFaber4 male 2 female5
Gray, SimonOld MastersS French3 male 2 female4
Hare, DavidAmy's ViewS French3 male 3 female5
Hare, DavidMy zinc bedS French2 male 1 female2
Hare, DavidSkylightS French2 male 1 female2
Havergal, GilesTravels with my AuntOberon15 male 9 female (parts can be doubled)9
Jones, GlynThriller of the yearS French2 male 6 female5
Kelly, TimFrankenstein:dramatised by Tim Kelly from the classic by Mary ShelleyS French4 male 4 female8
King. PhilipI'll get my manS French4 male 5 female8
Lucas, VictorLaughter in the darkS French6 male 5 female10
Marber, PatrickCloserMethuen2 male 2 female4
Maurette, MarcelAnastasiaS French9 male 5 female11
McConnell, JeanMillie's TaleS French2 male 4 female6One-Act
Mortimer, JohnCome as you areS French2 male 2 female4
Moss, Roger SNightmareS French2 male 2 female4
Nesbit, EdithThe Railway ChildrenS French9 male 7 female9
Novello, IvorFresh FieldsU/K3 male 6 female6
Robbins, NormanAt the sign of "The Crippled Harlequin"S French3 male 5 female7
Samuels, DianeKindertransportNick Hern1 male 5 female4
Shaw, George BernardAndrocles and the lionPenguinvarious4
Simpson, N FA resounding tinkleS French1 male 2 female2One-Act
Tristram, DavidBolt from the blueS French2 male 2 female2
Warburton, NickThe last bread puddingS French3 male 4 female or 2 male 5 female6One-Act
White, MatthewFar from the madding crowdS French5 male 3 female8
Williams, TennesseeMister Paradise and other one-act playsS Frenchvarious8One-Act
Best mystery and suspense plays of the modern theatreAvonvarious6
Sheridan, Richard BrinsleyThe RivalsS French8 male 4 female12
Sheridan, Richard BrinsleyThe School for ScandalS French12 male 4 female16
Plowman, GillianThe AllotmentS French5 female4One-ActFemale Cast
Raffle, DianaCamp ConfidenceS French7 female7One-ActFemale Cast
Williams, SimonNobody's FoolS French2 male 3 female4
Williams, SimonLaying the GhostS French2 male 5 female 2 extras8
Pinter, HaroldBirthday PartyS French4 male 2 female6
Pinter, HaroldDumb WaiterS French2 male2Male Cast
Harding, MikeComfort and JoyS French6 male 6 female10Christmas / Pantomime
Hastings, CharlotteSo what do we do about Henry?S French3 male 5 female7
Frayn, MichaelDonkeys' yearsS French8 male 1 female7
Bennett, AlanLady in the vanS French10 male 4 female13
Chappell, EricFather's DayS French2 male 2 female3
Harris, RichardA foot in the doorS French3 male 3 female5
Friel, BrianHome PlaceS French8 male 3 female 1 girl5
Brayd, TerenceShell Seekers: adapted from the novel by Rosamund PilcherS French5 male 5 female9
Clemens, BrianStrictly MurderS French2 male 3 female4
Manktelow, BettineCharity BeginsS French4 female3One-ActFemale Cast
Robertson, A SLuck of the drawS French3 male 1 female3One-Act
Lloyd, Jeremy & Croft, DavidAre you being served?S French7 male 4 female (with doubling)10
Campton, DavidThe Lunatic View: four comedies of menaceS French7 male 5 female12
Last-minute sketchesKenyon-Deane5 female5One-ActFemale Cast
Parsons, RichardRialto/Mortmain/Dead End: three playsS French1 male 1 female1
Holloway, JonathanDarkness Falls: A double bill contains The Monkey's Paw (adapted from the short story by WW Jacobs) and The DarkS FrenchVarious4One-Act
Bond, NelsonAnimal Farm adapted from the novel by George OrwellS French5 male 2 female7
Coward, NoelStar Quality adapted by Christopher LuscombeMethuen5 male 4 female11
Williams, TennesseeThe milk train doesn't stop here anymoreS French5 male 4 female8
Williams, TennesseeThe Glass MenagerieS French2 male 2 female3
Delaney, ShelaghA taste of honeyS French2 male 2 female3
Hare, DavidBreath of lifeS French2 female1Female Cast
McConnell, JeanDeckchairs 4S French2 female3Female Cast
Warburton, NickPurvisS French1 male 1 female1
Booth, AnthonyNone the Wiser: A comedyS French7 female6Female Cast
Foxton, DavidThe real story of puss in bootsS French6 male.3 female. or7m.4 female.9
Manktelow, BettineProscenophobia (Stagefright) - a thriller.S French2 male.4 female5
Burnett, Francis HodgsonThe secret garden -adapted as a play by Neil Duffield.S French2 male.2 female.2b.1g.6
Lloyd, RichardArabian Knights - the pantoS French14 characters11
Brittney, LynnThe LuvviesPlaystage3 male 6 female8One-Act
Brittney, LynnA Two Berth LifePlaystage2 male 2 female4One-Act
Brittney, LynnMixed DoublesPlaystage5 male 8 female11One-Act
Brittney, LynnNostalgiaPlaystage3 male 2 female5One-Act
Brittney, LynnHave a Nice DayPlaystage3 male 3 female5One-Act
Summers, DavidReduce, Render and SweatPlaystage3 male 4 female15
Brittney, LynnMotivationPlaystage2 male 2 female4One-Act
Brittney, LynnAsk the FamilyPlaystage2 male 1 female3One-Act
Summers, DavidStraight to DVDPlaystage3 male 2 female5One-Act
Brittney, LynnA Different Way to DiePlaystage2 male 2 female3One-Act
Brittney, LynnOld Actors Never Die ...Playstage5 male 6 female11
Brittney, LynnA Christmas Carol: Adapted from DickensPlaystagelarge cast11Christmas / Pantomime
Marshall, AlanThe Technical RehearsalPlaystage9 male 11 female11
Marshall, AlanUp the Beanstalk AgainPlaystage4 male 3 female1
Brittney, LynnThe Home Front : A Revue With SketchesPlaystagelarge cast11
Chinn, JimmieInterior designsS French1 male 3 female3One-Act
Chinn, JimmieA respectable funeralS French1 male 3 female3One-Act
Reza, YasminaArtFaber3 male2Male Cast
Campton, DavidWho calls?S French6 female7One-ActFemale Cast
Campton, DavidPermission to cryS French5 female or 1 male 4 female or 2 male 3 female4One-ActFemale Cast
Churchill, CarylTop girlsS French7 female with trebling6Female Cast
Cooney, RayCaught in the net: (sequel to Run for your wife)S French4 male 3 female6
Cooney, Ray and Cooney, MichaelTom, Dick and HarryS French6 male 3 female8
Churchill, CarylBlue Heart (contains the plays Heart's Desire and Blue Kettle)Nick Hern Books2 male female7 (with doubling, plus child extras)7One-Act
Reza, YasminaThe God of Carnage (translated by Christopher Hampton)Faber2 male 2 female5One-Act
Barrie, J MDear Brutus: a comedy in 3 actsHodder & Stoughton5 male 6 female5
Brittney, LynnAfter the Ball is OverPlaystage6 Characters 3 male 3 female6One-Act
Brittney, LynnDig for the DiggersPlaystage6 Characters 2 male 4 female6One-Act
Brittney, LynnHaunted Bookshop - A comedy thriller in two actsPlaystage15 Characters 5 male doubling, 5 female9
Marshall, AlanGrandma's PhotographPlaystage6 Characters 3 male 3 female6One-Act
Summers, DavidAnnie, One, Two, Three A Murder Myastery in two actsPlaystage9 Characters 2 male 7 female9
Brittney, LynnUnexpected Item in Bagging AreaPlaystage5 Characters 1 male 4 female6One-Act
Auty, StewartTreasure islandPlaystage12 Characters 5 male doubling 7 female8
Alcott, L MLittle women adapted by M De Forest SEE De Forest, MarianS French5 male 7 female.6Junior Cast
Anouilh, JeanThe OrchestraS French8 Characters, (2 doubling). 2 male 6 female.9One-Act
Anouilh, JeanPoint of departureS French16 Characters, 11 male 5 female15
Ayckbourn, AlanThis is where we came inS French9 Characters, 5 male 4 female11
Ayckbourn, AlanWildest DreamsS French8 Characters, 4 male 4 female8
Godber, JohnSalt of the earthS French11 Characters, 5 male 6 female.11
Godber, JohnPerfect PitchS French4 Characters, 2 male 2 female.5
Godber, JohnUnleashedS French5 Characters, 3 male 2 female.6
Godber, JohnUp 'n' under IIS French9 Characters, 7 male 2 female9
Godber, JohnBlood, sweat and tearsS French5 Characters: 2 male 3 female6
Stoppard, TomVoyage: The Coast of Utopia Part IFaber30 Characters, 18 male 12 female14
Stoppard, TomShipwreck: The Coast of Utopia Part IIFaber30 Characters, 18 male 12 female.14
Stoppard, TomSalvage: The Coast of Utopia Part IIIFaber30 Characters, 18 male 12 female.14
Chapman, JohnLook, No Hans!S French4 male, 4 female7
Donnellan, DeclanVanity FairS FrenchNumerous6
Feydeau, GeorgesHotel Paradiso A Farce-Comedy in Three ActsS French13 male 8 female11
Gray, Nicholas StuartThe Imperial Nightingale adapted from the story by Hans Christian AndersenOUPnumerous4
More Selected One-Act PlaysPitmanVarious4One-Act
Northe, Maggie and Taylor, GeorgeThe Lady and the CharDeane and Sons7 Female5One-ActFemale Cast
Pertwee, MichaelDo Not Disturb A ComedyS French1 male 4 Female4
Pertwee, RolandPink String and Sealing WaxEnglish Theatre Guild5 Female 4 male8
Pielmeier, JohnAgnes of God A DramaS French3 Female3Female Cast
Pinter, HaroldNo Man's LandFaber4 male3
Saunders, GeoffLesser MortalsS French4 female4Female Cast
Simon, NeilThe Odd Couple (female Version)S French2m 6f7
Godber, JohnBouncers / ShakersWarner Chappell Plays4 m / 4 f4
4 male 1 female / 4 female
Miller, ArthurThe PricePenguin3 male 1 female5
Storm, LesleyLook, No Hands! A comedyS French3 m 4 f5
Tredinnick, MilesUp PompeiiJoseph Weinberger Plays7 male 4 female11
Whelan, PeterThe School of the NightWarner Chappell Plays9 male 2 female9
Wood, MargaretEdward A Play for Seven WomenEvans7 female8Female Cast
Phelps, WinifredTemptation Sordid or Virtue Rewarded A MelodramaS French2 m 3 f4
Priestley, J BJohnson over JordanU/KVarious14
Ayckbourn, AlanNeighbourhood WatchS French4m 4f8
Ayckbourn, AlanImprobable FictionS French3m 4f6
Gogol, NikolaiGovernment InspectorU/KVarious - Large cast11
Quilter, PeterThe Canterville GhostS French4m 4f plus chorus9
Summers, DavidA Convenient Murder : A Drama in 3 ActsPlaystage5 female, 3 male7
Sahkespeare, William (Edited by Kenneth Branagh)Romeo and Juliet (Plays at the Garrick)Nick Hern Books4 female, 20 male11
Brittney, LynnLathered Up A ComedyPlaystage10 female + 1 offstage, 4 men + 1 offstage11
Mode, DorianFeedem Fighters A ComedyPlaystage2 female, 6 male7
Auty, StewartAbsolute Discretion A One Act PlayPlaystage9 female, 5 men11One-Act
Auty, StewartAn Unassuming Man A One Act PlayPlaystage4 female, 4 male7One-Act
Butters, WillDad's Last Family Do A One Act PlayPlaystage5 female, 2 male (1 offstage),7One-Act
Roberts, MarkAll Balls and Ashes : A comedyPlaystage6m, 5 f11
Auty, StewartHere endeth the First Lesson : A One Act SatirePlaystage4m, 4f8One-Act
Brittney, LynnBunkered : A comedy in Two ActsPlaystage6m , 2 f plus offstage parts8
Butters, WillA Stroke of Luck ; A One Act Black ComedyPlaystage6m , 4f and other offstage voices8One-Act
Shakespeare, WilliamThe Comedy of ErrorsDoverlarge cast9