Scribe Tribe writing competition - the results!

A children's anthology of winners' writing about lockdown

Jun 30 2020

SRC Scribe Tribe Young Writers 2020
This summer Hampshire Libraries teamed up with award-winning children's and YA fiction writer, Ali Sparkes, to find the Scribe Tribe Young Writer of 2020.

This competition was designed to recognised budding writers at secondary schools. It's resulted in a fantastic collection of short stories and poems based on different lockdown themes. Several of the hilarious poems used the title 'Where have all the loo rolls gone' while others were inspired by the title 'If I could travel anywhere'.

This year's winner was Amber Petley, aged 13 from Southampton who wrote a hilarious short story about finding a dragon in her bedroom. She used for inspiration the first line: "It was lockdown week seven... and then... out of the blue...". You can download the anthology to read her story - along with the poems and short stories from runners up Sage Sipaul and William Hoyland. The anthology will be a fun way to start your six book challenge.

And why don't you try to write a short story with the first line Amber chose?

'It was lockdown week seven... and then... out of the blue...'

We'd love to read your stories! Do send them in by emailing