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Do you run a men’s group?
Could you set up a new one?

Join our network of men’s groups across Hampshire and help men in your community get connected for better physical and mental wellness.

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The Network

Men’s Activity Network is part of the Interreg 2 Seas Step By Step (SBS) project, a new way to improve men’s health inspired by the Men’s Sheds movement. The Step by Step approach has been designed specifically for men: informal, down-to-earth, without dictating strict rules around how to run your group.

We’re looking for local individuals and community organisations to join Men’s Activity Network in Hampshire and adopt the Step by Step Model.

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The Idea

An SBS 'Shed’ is a group where men regularly meet and engage in a purposeful activity, which becomes part of the Men’s Activity Network and implements the SBS approach.

A group could be a workshop, a community allotment, or other type of club based around a particular activity or interest.

By joining your group up to the Men’s Activity Network, we’ll offer you a way to develop a culture and ethos of supporting each other, sharing skills and improving physical and mental fitness.

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The Benefit

You’ll have access to our toolbox of resources to implement the Step by Step model.

This means skill-enhancing workshops, leadership mentoring and a small grant programme to fund new equipment, activities or improvements.

Joining Men’s Activity Network can offer you:
  • Information, advice and guidance if you’re interested in starting new groups aimed at men.
  • Opportunities for your group’s members to enjoy new activities or to go to workshops to enhance their skills.
  • Potential access to funding to support your group’s activities.
  • Resources to help you market your group to find new members and showcase the benefit of your group’s activity.
  • The potential to share your local project with other groups in Hampshire and across Europe.
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The Reason

Men’s Activity Network has been developed to help break down barriers for men and make a positive difference to their mental and physical wellbeing.

Health services and preventative health checks are under-used by men in the UK. It can have an adverse effect on their health, as well as their families, communities, employers and health and social care services. Depression and other mental health problems can go undetected and untreated.

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